Saturday, December 24, 2011

have a holly jolly christmas. {christmas carol.}

traditions. traditions. traditions.
i love traditions.
especially around christmas time.
christmas eve for our family is full of traditions.

we wake up and go visit santa at the mall.
obviously i ask for clothes.
and we take a cute picture.

we then come home and start our "candy making"
toffee. pb balls. carmelitas. candied popcorn. sugar cookies. brownies. cheeseball.
just to name a few.

then after much preparation dinner is eaten around 6:00
it is a feast.
meats. potatoes. veggies. rolls. galore.

after that we prepare for santa.
the elves bring some pajamas.
we set out the cookies and milk.
sing some christmas songs.
prepare the living room.
and we are sent to bed.

but not only to bed.
we all sleep in the play room in sleeping bags.
of course not much sleep happens.
then the morning awaits us at 6:00am when the parentals are called.

maybe half of the treats we made.

blog highlight 24.
i love angelas blog the princess life.
she continually gives good advice.
and she reminds all girls that we are princesses.
honestly if you need a reminder of how important you are read her blog.
if you need a reminder of who you are read her blog.
or if you just want a good uplifting blog to read. 
read hers.
for being in 9th grade she has an awesome view on life.
read her blog.

Friday, December 23, 2011

joy to the world. {mariah carey.}

josh: brooke guess what?? {super excited.}
brooke: what josh?
josh: so carrie {our nanny} got an email from santa that had his naughty and nice list on it. guess what brooke? my name was on the nice list!!!!!
brooke: really josh?? thats awesome!! i bet you will have get something so cool cause you have been so good this year!
josh: i know i am so excited!

"we focused so hard in our families to help our children believe in santa. have we forgotten to help our children believe in Christ and remember the true meaning of christmas?"

 5 guidelines to have joy.
1. we need to be present when the joy happens. we can't dwell in the past or with things that have happened. we must choose to be happy and have joy.
2. we must have courage to have joy.
3. we have to be grateful to have joy. we can find true joy by overcoming our trials. a daily dose of gratitude is a daily dose of joy.
4. we must have forgiveness to have joy. if we are not forgiving others or ourselves there is no way for us to have joy.
5. we must serve others. the most Christ like quality is compassion and love.

unless we lose ourselves in service there is no happiness or purpose in life.

service for the day: today our family gave out our neighbor christmas gifts.  we bought 50 bags of cuties and split them in half. we ran the 100 bags of cuties around to our neighbors and friends. 

it truly is the only way to be happy is to serve others. and tis the season to give service.

blog highlight 23.
one of the greatest blogs i have found is the shine project.
ashley is seriously changing the world with one blog.
she is spreading the shine around and helping everyone.
check her out to watch how one person can truly change the world.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

a marshmallow world. {dean martin.}

remember how i had my goal i was going to reach for new years?
the one where i was going to improve my healthiness?
well here is an update.

i started out awesome.
i lost like 3ish pounds.
then i maintained.
and maintained.
and maintained.
i started to get annoyed because i wasn't moving.
but then i remembered it was better then gaining so i got over it and continued to work hard.
nothing. then...

i started to gain.
and i gained that 3 pounds back.
and i think i gained 2 more.
i am not sure why or how.
all i know is i am frustrated.

frustrated that i have no will power.
even though i try each and every day.
frustrated that my brain won't listen to my body.
or is it my body won't listen to my brain.
either way its frustrating.
frustrated that i am not even strong enough to achieve my daily goals i set.

i honestly don't even know what to do anymore.
but i can't give up because that will be accepting defeat.
and i must continually fight this battle inside of me
hopefully i will be able to find what was ever inside of me a year ago.
that strength that made me the happy healthy brooke
she is screaming inside trying to fight her way out.

well i decided that once a week i am going to have a "weigh in" for myself.
i won't tell you how much i weigh or what not.
but about wether i have lost. gained. or maintained
it will probably also include a recap of the week.
hopefully this will be the final breaking of the straw.

blog highlight 22
ok speaking of being healthy.
one of my favorite workout/healthy blogs is peanut butter fingers.
julie is a healthaholic. 
seriously she is so fit and eats so well its amazing.
she always posts about her different workouts. 
her meals for the day {with a pictures}
and her life in general.
she just finished a half marathon under 2 hours.
one of my new year resolutions this next year is to be as fit as julie.
seriously her blog is so cute and so much fun plus healthy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

christmas shoes. {new song.}

lets pass it on.
it is the christmas season and everyone is in need.
what if you could help change a child's life forever?
well miss pleasant grove, lea wride is raising money to do just that.
she is raising money for the operation smile organization.
to help change children's lives by providing money for cleft lip/palate surgery.

if you want to read lea's own facial deformity story
or donate money {any amount will help}
click HERE!
and pass it on.
lets help lea reach her goal and help children in need!!

blog highlight 21.
ok there is one blog that is my all time most favorite blog ever.
it is actually the blog that made me interested in reading blogs.
megan abel is probably the cutest most awesome girl ever.
i have never met her but it is pretty much on my bucket list to be her friend.
her blog is real.
she talks about her real life heartbreaks and trials.
and she talks about her fun and happy times.
seriously she is living a cinderella story.
and now she has found her prince and will be getting married in january.
read her blog if you want to be inspired to live a better life.
or if you want to relate or have a good laugh.
just read her blog and become a stalker like me.
check out her "old blog" that i am absolutely in love with here.
and her new blog with the almost hubby here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

o holy night. {canadian tenors.}

this could quite possibly be the best rendition of o holy night ever.
please enjoy.

so i am obviously quite awful at remembering to highlight blogs.
so here we go again whipping out two tonight.
blog highlight 19
so the sisters cafe. is an awesome food blog.
it is 6 sisters who all share a blog and a love for cooking.
all their recipes are to die for and i honestly haven't had anything that has been bad.
they have so many different recipes that you can find virtually anything.
seriously check them out.

blog highlight 20
along with the sisters cafe i also love mels kitchen cafe.
she is actually one of the sisters from the sisters cafe.
but she has both her own blog and her sisters blog.
both are amazing. 

here are some suggestions on where to start.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

its the most wonderful time of the year. {andy williams.}

today we had our family christmas party.
40 people = a whole ton of fun.
dinner. service project. nativity. annual dessert contest. white elephant.

dinner = mexican bar.
service project = writing our testimonies in Books of Mormon and sending them to our grandparents who are mission presidents in the tampa, florida mission to give to missionaries to give to investigators. 
nativity = i played the "head" angel.
annual dessert contest = i made homemade butterfingers which took 4th. my little brother made a simple chocolate cake which took it all the way. 1st.
white elephant = i got some gum. best present ever.

blog highlight 18.
so i went to pg with evan but i am 2 years older.
granted i have never talked to him. 
nor does he know who i am.
but his blog is bomb.
it is so creative and fun.
i honestly look forward to every time he blogs.
he just got his mission call and is going to Colombia.
pretty sure i am going to be sad when he leaves because that means his blog will be on hold.
but alas missions are awesome.
want to join the stalker status?? 
check him out here.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

never stop. {hilary duff.}

so now that finals are done my life is boring.
instead of going 100 miles per hour.
im going like 10.
yet i still feel like my life is crazy busy.
which it is.
but it is just a different busy.

things i want to do while i am home:
play with my friends.
family parties. {one tomorrow!!}
bake. bake. bake.

hopefully there will be time for these things in my 10 mph life.

so yesterday blogging from my phone didn't allow a long post.
which meant a blog highlighting didn't happen. 
lets whip out two tonight.

blog highlight 16
i love the blog i believe in unicorns.
it is the cutest blog ever.
ashley posts about fashion. family. music. and everything in between.
she has the cutest love story.
she as the cutest style ever.
check her out.

blog highlight 17
its the small things blog is a "hair blog"
she is a hairstylist who obviously blogs about hair.
she has a ton of hair tutorials and pictures on how to do certain hairstyles.
i love it because honestly all those little tricks that hairstylist know. she reveals.
if you are going on a date and need a cute hair style. check her out.
if you just want to look so cute one day. check her out.
if you want to try a new "do" check her out.
you get the idea. check. her. out.

Friday, December 16, 2011

babysitting. {the ramones.}

10 kids.
11 hours.
call me crazy but I have had fun.
clubs, dinner, games, and movies.
and no one has died or cried.
babysitting should be my middle name.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

hallelujah. {jeff buckley.}

well i survived.
finals = done.
and christmas break is here.
can i hear a hallelujah??

today is my brother and sisters birthday.
no they are not twins.
just exactly 3 years apart.

my brother tyler turned 17.
he is a stud.
my sister lindsay turned 14.
she is a freakin babe.

happy birthday to the coolest people eva.

blog highlight #15
ok since it is my sisters birthday i am going to give a plug for our blog.
there are 4 sisters in my family who all love to bake/cook.
because we live across the state of utah from each other we created a blog.
it is one way we can all stay in touch with each other and share our recipes with everyone.
lindsay and rachel just recently posted about amazing cheeseball.
check us out here!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

at the library. {green day.}

its crazy to think that this semester has ended.
{except for my last final exam tomorrow!!}
and holy cow am i grateful and stoked about it.
yes it was a good semester.
full of laughs. friendships. and fun.
full of studying. stress. and homework.

even though it was great.
i can't wait for a new semester to start.
i love starting fresh.
everything is new.
new people.
new classes.
new planner.
new goals.
everything is just new.

even though i am stoked about 2012.
i love to live in the present.
and i am trying to use up every last minute of 2011
except these past days. 
test. library. dinner. library. sleep
all to know i would wake up and do it again.
seriously friday 6 hours.
monday 10 hours.
tuesday 8 hours.
today {planning on} 8 hours total.
thats 32 HOURS spent in the library!!!
oh how this week has dragged on.
so happy today is the last of that train ride.

here is to my last day in the library.
and here is to my trusty table that i could always count on being open.
{except today. rude.}
you might be missed.
but probably not.

blog highlight 14.
let me introduce you to mikaela {or hallah. your choice but i have known her as mikaela :)}. 
she is sisters with rachel who i highlighted earlier.
i sorta knew here in jr high even though i am 2 years older then she.
but i didn't get to truly know her until this past summer in the miss pg royalty.
she was 4th attendant.
let me tell you we had a blast.
she is truly the life of the party.
she has the cutest style that no one could copy, even if they wanted to.
she is so much fun to be around and is so gorgeous.
her blog is about her life.
her hardships. her fun times. and everything in between.
want to be a stalker?
check her blog out here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

alabama. {neil young.}

first two exams done.
pe 4020: research methods and statistics.
pretty sure i dominated that exam.
{and maybe when i was in my car after this exam i let out some loud "woot woots".
and some "go me's."
 and some high fives all to myself.
and maybe even some dance moves.
just maybe.}
oh and by the way. alabama is my new favorite state for the time being.

biology 1020: human anatomy and physiology.
pretty sure i just did ok. if even that.

its sad when your 1020 class is harder then your 4020 class.
{especially when 4020 class is research methods and statistics.}
{and your professor is dr. lyons.}
its also sad when your 10.5 hour study day consisted of 8 hours toward 1020.
and 2.5 towards 4020.
not to mention the hours of studying for bio 1020 fri-sun. 

on a brighter note that may have been my last science class. ever.
now it is time to study then dominate pe 3050: motor learning tomorrow.
{no that is not a car class.}
and dominate nutrition 2020: nutrition in the life cycle on thursday. 
count down to christmas break: 2 days!!

blog highlight 12
obviously i forgot to blog yesterday. {oops.}
but we can fix that now.
many of you know that my little sister was little miss lindon last year.
well one of her attendants was indy.
indy blogs over at miss indypendent.
her blogs is definitely one of my most favorite blogs to stalk.
seriously she is so creative and so witty with her words its unreal.
she has a plethora of topics she blogs about.
one being the biebs.
{even if you don't like him. still check out her blog.}
another one being fashion.
another one being photography.
you get the idea. i could go on for days.
she is such a fun girl and it definitely shows through her blog.
seriously check. her. out. now.

blog highlight 13.
speaking of fashion. 
one blog i stalk is freckles in april.
i love this blog because it is all about fashion.
she had a fashion challenge a little while ago that i didn't take.
but i did throughly enjoy seeing everyones take on what she challenged.
my favorite day that she blogs is her "open to interpretation."
it is where she and her sisters choose a celebrity or an outfit and "copy" it.
they use what they have recreate the outfit as their own.
if you want fashion tips.
check it out.

Monday, December 12, 2011

overload. {sugababes.}

library from 1pm-11pm.
dinner break from 6-6:30

exams 7:00 am & 9:00 am.
so help me if i fail my exams
tears will certainly fall.
then back to the library.
for my next round of studying.

bring it on baby.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

my list. [check.] {the killers.}

make gingerbread houses.
cross that one off the bucket list :)

gingerbread village.
blog highlight #11
my grandparents are mission presidents in the tampa, florida mission.
which means i don't get to see them at all during the holiday season for 3 years.
{i did visit them in june which was awesome!}
although i do get weekly update emails i also get updates from their blog.
i love seeing pictures of their missionaries and get an inside to their mission.
i miss them so much  but i know they are doing what is best for their family and for the Lord.
check out their blog here!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

finals. {rick ross.}

my brain is fried from studying.
sad thing is i feel like i don't know anything.

my stress level for my finals is sky high.
i have to dominate all of them to get good grades.
the chance of that. not good.
but don't worry i will continue to study and pray it is enough.

count down to christmas break 5 days.

blog highlight #10.
how sweet it is, is the cutest food blog ever.
click on the link and you will see what i mean.
she even has a post about her failures.
which is awesome because lets face it. 
no one is perfect in the kitchen at all times.
even if they make you think they are.
i recently stumbled upon it so i have yet to try any recipes.
but when i do try them i want to try...
just to name a few.

Friday, December 9, 2011

oh happy day. {sister act.}

for some unknown reason spring my freshman year my scholarship from high school didn't go through.
granted it was only for $500.
but still thats $500.

i decided to see what was up.
{yes it took me 2 years to realize it.}
i went to a scholarship counselor and had her look at what could have happened.
nothing. she couldn't find anything that would have made me not have it.
well she granted me that $500 for this coming spring semester.

lets do my spring tuition math.
original tuition amount: 2,738.50
minus $500 SUU scholarship.
minus $1500 Miss PG scholarship.

yep you read that right.
spring 2012 tuition = $738.50
2012 you are already off to a great start.

blog highlight #9
i love victoria. she blogs here!
we have been in the same home ward since i can remember.
we both have a ridiculous amount of love towards the jo bros.
and although i am 3 years older then she is we are still great friends.
she has the most beautiful smile and a laugh that is so contagious.
i love her blog because she tells you how it is.
she doesn't make her life so sugar coated on her blog.
every post she posts i can relate to because it is real feelings from a real girl.
check her out. you will be happy you did.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

i have a date. {the vandals.}

i have a date tomorrow.

with the LIBRARY.

blog highlight #8
today's highlighted blog is my friend and old roommate rachel.
i have known rachel since jr. high when we met in math class 7th grade.
she is in my stake back home and we went to the same high school.
rachel and i were never super close friends in high school. 
but my sophomore year of college we were roommates.
let me tell you we had a BLAST!
we went dancing all the time.
and we baked pretty much 24/7.
she is crazy fun. witty. and she knows what she wants in life.
read her blog if you want awesome recipes to try.
{cupcakes are her speciality!}
some great advice that she is taking into her life.
or her current post is about sexual healing.{definitely worth your time to watch.}
check her out here!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the final countdown. {europe.}

next week = finals week.
next week = death of brooke.
next week = christmas break.... if i don't die.

today = last day of MWF classes.
today = last day of bio lab.
today = bio lab final. {i think i actually did pretty well!}

tomorrow = last day of T TR classes.
tomorrow = last school day in the semester.
tomorrow = 1 week until my last final and i am homeward bound.

i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
and i can't even start to explain how happy this truly makes me.

blog highlight # 7
living 4-5 hours away from best friends is awful.
i hate that i never get to see them.
i hate that we can't hang out every friday night.
i hate that we only know so much about each others lives.
but i love that at least one of my best friends has a blog!
i have known kristin since jr. high.
but we didn't become besties until high school.
she is so cute and so smart. 
i love her blog because it has updates on her awesome husband and married life.
and it has updates on her school life.
and updates on her cute puppy.
pretty much i love stalking her blog because when we both don't have time to chat i still know what is going on in her life.
she is in school to become a nurse up at the UofU. 
and i miss her guts like crazy! 
check her out here!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

baby its cold outside. {glee.}

{this morning thought process.}
good morning brooke.
although your bed is nice and warm.
and your apartment is nice and warm.
and the sun is shining through the window.
let me tell you the degrees right now so you can dress appropriately.
yep you read that right -6!!! 
and to think i live in SOUTHERN UTAH!!!

its ok don't feel bad for me.
because that is not the worst part.
i start to scrape my car and realize that it isn't working.
don't worry the outside ice on my window is scraped nicely.
the inside ice. not so much.
i didn't realize your windows could freeze on the inside.
but apparently they can.
it was a dangerous drive to school today.
but you can't blame me.
class was starting and i couldn't be late.

in biology today we were talking about the reproductive system.
specifically the woman menstrual cycle.
my professor compared girls to a pack of wolves.
apparently there is an alpha woman who causes everyone around her to join her cycle.
wolves. yes that sounds about right when 4 girls {roommates} are on their period at the same time.

blog highlight #6
another one of my most favorite food blogs is our best bites.
my mom actually told me about this blog after reading about it in a magazine.
their recipes are amazing and so easy to follow along.
my favorite recipes from this blog are:

Monday, December 5, 2011

pay it forward. {divine fire.}

wow what a weird eventful day.
lets start with the morning.
so after i woke up and got ready i trudged out to my car.
lo and behold it was buried in a large blanket of fresh snow.
after taking a while to unscrape each window carefully.
i got in and threw her into reverse.
thats when things went bad. i was stuck in my stall.
class was to start in 4 min and i knew i wouldn't make it in time.
well me being the brave soul that i am i got out of my car.
i then noticed the huge line of cars to get out of the parking lot.
choosing the one closest to me i asked if i could hitch a ride.
{trust me when i say i would have never done this but a girl last week did it to me.}
she said yes and i made a new friend.

after class i realized i needed to book it home because i had to take my roommate to work.
trying to walk as fast as i could with out slipping and dying is harder then it looks when the ground is ice.
all the sudden a car stopped behind me and asked me if i needed a ride.
i was so relieved she was seriously a angel sent from heaven.

well now came the part where digging my car out had to happen.
my roommate had dug out my tires as much as she could while i was in class.
she then pushed as i drove in reverse. 
luckily we had kitty litter. ha.
we put some behind the tires and tried again.
boom. we were out!
she made it to work only like 4 min late.

i decided its my turn to pay it forward.
when i drive home or to school i am going to keep my eyes peeled for the unfortunate person walking in the bitter cold. then pick them up and take them home.

next eventful thing.
today is my half birthday. {yep the big 20 1/2!!}
its kinda a big deal in my family.
we don't get presents but we do make brownies.
well i am the one who usually remembers everyones half birthday so the chances of my family remembering were slim. {don't worry i still love them :)}
as 5:45 came around i decided to call my brother.

this is our conversation
brooke: hi guys! is josh there?
josh: hello?
brooke: hi josh! so did you make brownies today?
josh: umm no why?... IT'S YOUR HALF BIRTHDAY!!
brooke: why yes, yes it is!
josh: no but i will make some. 
brooke: ok send me a pic when they are done!
josh: ok bye!
brooke: bye josh love you!

about 30 min later i get a text from mom.
hahaha. i asked if josh had told her.
she then sent me this pic.
what a stud.
last eventful thing of the day.
we also had our ward christmas party tonight.
we had baked potatoes and salad.
along with some ice cream.
it was fun.
we sang songs and ate food.
we also made new friends.
i like new friends :)

blog highlight #5
today i am highlighting my friend tamela from a college life for me.
i met tamela this year from competing in the miss pg pageant.
she is so talented and so cute.
she has the greatest personality and style.
her blog is about her college adventure.
it also includes delicious recipes.
and it includes her outfits. honestly they are amazing.
check out her blog and trust me you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

happy. {leona lewis.}

i might be on a spiritual high.
and i really don't want it to leave.
testimony meeting was awesome.
sunday school was well sunday school.
relief society was heart felt.
and the christmas devotional was uplifting.
i love being LDS and i wouldn't change it for the world.
i love knowing who i am and what Gods plan is for me.
it is truly the reason for my happy life.

so i forgot to feature a blog yesterday so we will do two today!

blog highlight #3
what is life without family?
although my older sister and i live 5 hours away from each other, blogging is a way i can still stay in touch with her life.  I love reading her crazy stories she has with her husband and their "baby" rex. {yes he is a dog.} and it makes me so happy to know that she is happily married to her best friend. she is such a good example to me and i look up to her so much.  she is the one who first introduced me to blogging and she knew i would be obsessed. obviously she was right! if you want to read about her lovely life she lives follow her here!

blog highlight #4
lets continue on the family theme.
i love the holidays because it means not only family time but extended family time! 
sadly this year we haven't done much with my mom side of the family... yet.
but because my aunt blogs i get to stay caught up on her life and her families life.
i love reading my aunt shauna's blog from sum of 7.
she is witty and takes the cutest pictures of her kids.
recently they had a HUGE wind storm that knocked down SOOOO many trees.
check out her blog to see the pictures.
seriously it blew my mind.
HUGE trees that have been standing for YEARs on the ground.

here is to families.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

my list. {the killers.}

winter bucket list. {might be subject to change :)}

Make reindeer food
Visit Santa
Decorate sugar cookies
Go hot tubing
See Christmas lights
Watch holiday movies
Make gingerbread house
Volunteer somewhere
Give secret Santa gifts
Build a snowman
Make fancy hot cocoa
Decorate Apartment
Take winter pictures.

Friday, December 2, 2011

ramble on. {led zeppelin.}

random note #1
IT'S FRIDAY!! {woot woot}
not only is it any friday.
today is a special friday.

it is the last friday in SUU fall semester.
it was the last test before finals.
it is christie {my roommate.} half birthday.
which obviously means a party needs to happen.

random note #2
so i am the secretary in my relief society here in school.
last night we had a leadership training meeting.
so much information was given, along with a lot of amazing things to live by.

here is a dose of quotes for the day:
"be PATIENT with yourself, perfection is NOT necessary nor required in this life, but in the next.  what is required and expected of us is IMPROVEMENT AND GROWTH in this life."

"life NEVER gets easier. it just gets DIFFERENT."

"we should DEMAND improvement in this life. and when we do our best, HE is always there to make up the DIFFERENCE."

"we have the OPPORTUNITY to change families for ETERNITY, we must invite every girl {person} in our power to come unto him. that is our RESPONSIBILITY.

random note #3
sometimes i try new things with my hair.
sometimes they are a disaster.
sometimes they work out.
this was a no heat hair curling idea.
after a little help it was a success.
poor quality {again.} but you still get the idea :)
blog highlight #2

ok the girl who ate everything is the very first food blog i ever started following.
actually it is in my top 3 favorite food blogs that i follow.
every thing i have ever made from her blog has been a success!
she is currently pregnant right now so her posts aren't as often as they usually are.
but who can blame her? 
she is pregnant and some foods are just repulsive when you are pregnant {or so they say.}
she always has fun stories to go along with her posts.
and she has step by step photos that make everything look so appealing.
don't know where to start? 
here are my 3 most favorite recipes from her blog.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

let it snow. {michael buble.}

here we go.
25 days of blogging day 1.

between thigh high boots.
pea coats.
sparkly sweaters.
bow headbands.
and hot chocolate.
i survived cedar city's idea of december 1.

poor quality. but you still get the idea.

blog highlight #1

each day i want to introduce you to one of my favorite blogs. 
well it only seems fitting that we start with ashley palmers blog. {365 days with ashley.
we met as sophomores in high school through a mutual friend 
but it wasn't until our junior year and woman's choir that we truly became friends.  
she would tell me all her crazy happenings and keep me entertained {and on key} for the entire class. 
she is so fun to be around and holy cow can she tell a story.
 she gets you rolling for days. 
although i don't see much of her anymore {due to going to different colleges.}
 i love to stalk her blog and still get a crack out of all her posts. 
she loves life and honestly i am so blessed to know her. 
read her blog if you want a good wholesome laugh.