Friday, July 8, 2011

tomorrow. {annie. the musical}

tomorrow. tomorrow. i love you tomorrow. you're only a day a way.
after months and months of planning.
it is finally here.

yep that is right i am going to europe with the family.
all 9 of us.
in europe.
this is an adventure waiting to happen.

why you ask?
well my daddy served his mission in sweden.
this year is my parents 25 wedding anniversary.
they want to celebrate with me.
i am so loved.
jk they want to celebrate with the family.

so we are going to london. paris. germany. denmark. and sweden.
we will be gone for two weeks.
so i won't have time to blog. probably until we get back.
which is the 23rd of july.

have a nice month.
oh and don't text or call me because my phone will work.
and will charge a butt load of money.
so unless you want to pay for it.
literally. dollars. don't do it.
cya. oh YEAH!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

i love you this big. {scotty mccreery}

american idol concert was amazing.
seriously i can't even explain.
i will try.
but i won't do it justice.
lets just say between stefano taking off his shirt.
and scotty waving to ME! umm ya straight up.
i had the time of my life.

so we sat 3rd row. on the floor
it doesn't get much better then that.
the whole first half was everyone but scotty.
i think stefano stole the first half of the show.
seriously though he was so entertaining.
then the second half was pretty much all scotty.
with a couple numbers with everyone.

here are some pictures of the night.
literally it shows how close we were.

opening with the girls!

pia and stefano singing california king bed a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

stefano. LOVE HIM! singing grenade.

thia singing who says.

naima singing on the floor.
so good. and she can dance like no ones business.

boys singing.

thia. lauren. pia. singing firework.

james. SOOO entertaining.

haley. singing benny and the jets. sooo good.


oh hello. {sorry its an awful picture.}

lauren singing like my mother does.

lauren. she is so cute. on the first song her hair clip fell out and after she finished singing she
found a little girl in the audience and gave it to her!


josh and scotty. josh loves scotty and he knew from the first time scotty was on stage he would win!
singing gone!

pretty sure after he waved to ME!

baby lock them doors and turn them lights down low!

i love you this big!


did i mention scotty waved to MEEEEE???? (:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

happy birthday {the song}

today is ashley's {my sister} birthday.
she was born exactly 1 year and 11 months before me.
she is probably the best oldest sister anyone could ask for.
she is always there to hear my problems.
she gives me great advice on life.
she tells me how to approach mom and dad about certain subjects.
she has a great fashion sense. and lets me know when i look ridiculous.
she belts in the car with me.
her voice sounds like an angel. mine does not. but she doesn't care.
she keeps me motivated in reaching my goals.
she is always there for me.
i could keep going. but i won't for the sake of you.
oh she is my best friend.

we laugh. we cry. we make time fly.
best friends are we. my sister and me.

happy birthday ash.

today i ran 7.1 miles.
i made it my goal to run the entire thing.
i was going and going and then.
get ready for what happened in the middle of my run.
a dog attacked me.
yep that is right. a little rat dog attacked me.

here is the story.
i had just hit about mile 4 and i saw a dog in a driveway.
i thought don't make eye contact and it won't follow you.
i got about 20 feet from the house when i almost hit the pavement.
i looked back to see if i hit a hole or what.
and there was the dog.
it ran in between my legs.
i tried to carry on but it kept tripping me.
my whole no eye contact plan. epic fail.
so i was pushing it towards its house saying. "go home boy" blah blah blah.
oh no this dog was not having any of that.
so i decided to be nice and walk it home.
i took it to the porch and rang the doorbell.
it kept scratching my legs.
chewing on my shoes.
and sometimes gnawing on my ankle.
i continued to ring the doorbell. still no answer.
by now it had been like 10 min.
the dog was getting more and more playful.
by playful. i mean gnawing and jumping and gnawing and jumping.
i decided my efforts were not working.
so i called my dad. no answer.
i called the home. and my sister answered.
she sent my dad on his way.
why i was still fighting. i found an old shoe.
i would try and make the dog eat the shoe. and not my shoe.
it didn't work.
then boom. lightbulb.
i took the shoe and i threw it as hard as i could into the backyard.
the dog chased it and BOOM i ran like i was being followed by kidnappers.
to make a long story short. i called my dad and told him i was fine.
i continued my run home.
it was 6.4 miles.

i then asked my little siblings if they wanted to jog around the block.
so we went on a .7 jog.
yes i ran the entire way.
except for the dog incident. 
and picking up my siblings.
if you are smarter then a 5th grader you would know that...
6.4 miles + .7 miles = 7.1 miles.
go me.

firework. {katy perry.}

i love the 4th.
fireworks. summer. yummy food. awesome outfits.
unity. songs. flags. celebration.
what's not to like.

provo parade in the morning.
3.2 miles driving 2-3 mph. 
we followed llamas. 

they poo nuggets. and pee way too often.
just thought you would like to know.

i love being in parades when i see people who give me a shout out.
so here is to you who made my day yesterday.
udall family.
dupis family.
cook family.
kaylynn palmer.
lisa stubbs.
zandi briggs.
my family.
if i missed anyone. i am sorry. don't be offended.

family swim day was followed.
along with the famous pg fireworks.
last year they fired into the crowd. this year everyone was safe.
it just rained the entire time. its fine.

did i mention it is my mom's birthday?
well it is. 
i would tell you how old she is but i might get in trouble.
lets just say she is still young and hip.
for her birthday we ate at magelby's for breakfast.
came home and she opened presents.
we then had brownies and ice cream. with strawberry sauce.
along with kfc for the fireworks.

yes i think i gained 10 pounds just from this day.
this saturday is final weigh in.
i will win.
tomorrow starts another week of starving.
ha joke.
not really starving. just eating healthy.

here are some pictures for your enjoyment.
it was a lovely day.
sunday night watching crew.
Add caption

tyler the firework man.
parade. award: outstanding depiction of freedom festival celebration.

cake on fire. don't worry it took one blow.
i can't get this the right way. happy day of birth mom.

firework food.
oh hey.

we love fireworks.

hi dad!
we are so festive.

oh yea.

Friday, July 1, 2011

hair. {lady gaga.}

so i got my hair done today.
just simple blonde highlights.
just to brag i got them done for free.
ya i'm cool.
alexis despain did them for me.
i think they look great.
i will post pics soon.
then you can decide.


90 calorie fiber bar.

90 calorie bar.

lots of fruit.

35 min on the elliptical.
1 hour on the stationary bike
walk around lindon with the fam.

don't worry. my eating today was only like this because i got my hair done.
this won't be a continual ritual. 
i mean how many 90 calorie bars can you have before you are sick of them?