Wednesday, March 28, 2012

called to serve. {part 2}

it is here.
i don't even know what to do with my life.

ok actually lets rewind.
2 weeks ago today i met with my stake president.
he cleared me for going on a mission and my papers were sent in.
knowing that the brethren review it on friday i gave my self 2-4 weeks for it to get here.
last week no call.

this morning my mom text me asking me when my classes were and when, if my call came, she could call me.
my last class ended at 10:50.
at 10:51 i get a call from my mom...
ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
hoots and hollers, squeals, butterflies and a whole slew of emotions ran through my body.
to put it in two words would be.
excited and nervous.

then the plethora of texts went out.
here are some responses:
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ashley russell.
party i can't wait!!!!!!! - lindsay savage.
Yikes! I can't wait! -sue stone.
congrats brooke. - josey walker.
so excited for you!! can't wait to hear!! - kaylynn palmer.
can't wait to find out!! -mem greenwood.
so excited for you... can't wait! - becky smith.
squeals and screams and laughter - christie hurst. aaron johnson. amber midgley.
oh my! yay!! i'm so excited for you and proud to call you my best friend! - kristin dicristfano.

i'm peeing my pants over here for you! that one little letter will determine your next 2 years of life basically and i'm sooooo excited! - megan mickelsen.
that is awesome. i am fired up for you! - tyler savage.
plus a whole plethora of facebook "likes."
i have one thing to say to all of you. 
thank you! thank you for your support it really means the world to me. i couldn't ask for better friends and family! i love all of you!

after texts/f-book messages went out there was the realization that i can't open it until friday.
yes i have to sit in class all of thursday and friday morning before i can even see the envelope.
this will be the longest 2 days of my life.

but don't worry i will stay busy hopefully.
i now have a party to plan.
and i must keep myself occupied with school things.

speaking of the party here are some details. {destined to change.}
you get two guesses one state side and one international.
opening will happen between 8- 8:30 to wait for everyone to arrive.
i will then proceed to open the call. and tears will follow.
after tears and such we will have dessert.
everyone is invited.
let me know if you want to come so we know who to wait for.
if you can't come at least predict where i am going to go.
yes there will be a prize for the winner!!! 
i don't know what it is yet but it will probably be cool.
you need to be present to obtain your prize.
but if you don't care about coming or a prize still predict.
i want your guess on my map!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

spring. {cher.}

lets recap my highlights of spring break.

i started the hunger games trilogy.
i finished the hunger games trilogy.
lets just say i can't wait for march 23rd.

i met with my stake president.
my papers have been submitted!!! 
i am sooo excited and sooo nervous.
i am now just patiently waiting for my call.

the miss pleasant grove pageant was this past saturday.
no i didn't compete.
but i did go to watch and support.
lets just say it was one of the most incredible pageants i have been to.
the talent portion was flawless.
any one of the girls competing could have taken the title.

the last highlight is i am officially signed up for the utah valley half marathon.
i am so excited to run it.
my goal is to finish in 2 hours.
i am also signed up for the red rock relay with my mom and aunts.
considering i have been running the longest i have been assigned the hardest run.
not sure how i feel about that but it should be fun.
let the hardcore training begin.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

who knows. {natasha bedingfield.}

so blogging right now is not a top priority.
but here is a little catch up on my life.
hopefully it will start being a priority again.

last week for my culinary arts class i made a pie.
i was quite proud of how it turned out.
i made the pie crust and the innards all by myself.

then my roommate christie and i made a cake for the RS birthday party.
we love using fondant even though we don't like the taste.
our top tier isn't quite as smooth as we would like it to be but we are learning.

last week i had 4 exams.
lets say they didn't go as well as i was hoping.
but i am over it.

it is now spring break.
can i say that i am soooo happy and in need of the break??
well i am.

i already have had 2 cavities filled.
i found out my wisdom teeth need to be taken out.
and i have been to more soccer games this week then i usually do in a month.
i have started and finished hunger games {book 1.}
and well i am 4 chapters into book 2.
march 23 cannot come quick enough.

here is the update on my mission.
i meet with the stake president tomorrow!!
that means my papers will be sent in tomorrow.
i will have my call by the end of the month.
don't worry i will have more posts about the mission.