Tuesday, March 13, 2012

who knows. {natasha bedingfield.}

so blogging right now is not a top priority.
but here is a little catch up on my life.
hopefully it will start being a priority again.

last week for my culinary arts class i made a pie.
i was quite proud of how it turned out.
i made the pie crust and the innards all by myself.

then my roommate christie and i made a cake for the RS birthday party.
we love using fondant even though we don't like the taste.
our top tier isn't quite as smooth as we would like it to be but we are learning.

last week i had 4 exams.
lets say they didn't go as well as i was hoping.
but i am over it.

it is now spring break.
can i say that i am soooo happy and in need of the break??
well i am.

i already have had 2 cavities filled.
i found out my wisdom teeth need to be taken out.
and i have been to more soccer games this week then i usually do in a month.
i have started and finished hunger games {book 1.}
and well i am 4 chapters into book 2.
march 23 cannot come quick enough.

here is the update on my mission.
i meet with the stake president tomorrow!!
that means my papers will be sent in tomorrow.
i will have my call by the end of the month.
don't worry i will have more posts about the mission.

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