Monday, April 30, 2012

you've got a friend in me. {toy story.}

well well well.
where do i begin?
lets start with this.
3 days until i move home.
i can't even wait.
because that will me finals are over.
and it also means i am done with school until 2014
but i am going to miss my best friends here.
seriously i will probably cry.

a serious update on my best friends are needed.
megan is going on a mission!!!!!
i am so stoked for her.
she got called to the louisville, kentucky mission.
she leaves 2 weeks before me.
interesting fact: her mission borders my mission.
kinda stoked about that.
yes i know that means i still will not see her.
but it means we are going to be living in the same culture.
and knowing your best friend is just a state away instead of 12 countries is comforting in a strange way.
she is going to be a top notch missionary
and the people of kentucky are unbelievably lucky.
she is the bomb.

now kristin. 
she is moving to wisconsin for summer sales.
which means we are all going to be in the mid west this summer.
kinda cool? i think so!!
then when she gets back she is starting... wait for it....
the nursing program at the U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am so excited for her. 
she is going to be the best nurse in the whole entire world.
seriously i almost screamed in the library when she told me she got accepted into the program.
lets just say the nursing program is unbelievably lucky to have her as a student.
she is also the bomb.

i am so ridiculously lucky to have these two amazing girls in my life.
and that they are my best friends.
they make me such a better person.
1 1/2 years apart will be tough.
but if we have survived 3 years separated by colleges.
1 1/2 years will fly by.

way back to senior year 3 years ago.

we are such babies.

senior trip.

best picture ever.

kris is married!



Wednesday, April 25, 2012

winner. {jamie foxx.}

ok story time.

lets go back like 4 weeks. 
march 30th to be exact.
that was the day i opened my mission call.
lets go back to that morning in my exercise physiology class.

so obviously i knew my call was at home.
and obviously i was anxious to open it.
so if you put two and two together i OBVIOUSLY wasn't paying any attention in class.
{lets face it, do i ever pay attention in that class? hardly.}

so i had just gotten to class 1 min early.
dr. taylor starts to "review" the day before material.
i tune out.
then i hear "lets start here." and she points at me.
well that is funny i don't remember her even asking a question.
i look at her with a blank face and she asks the question again.
i don't remember what the question was.
but apparently it was stuff we covered the day before.
i straight up say "i am not sure..."
she proceeds to say "we made a long list of them last time."
frantically searching my notes there is no list.
i think she lied.
until she went on to the next kid and the next 5 students could name them off like she asked them their name.
that is when i was mentally voted "class retarded." by everyone and their dog in that class. 
its ok im over it.

fast forward to this morning.
i knew we were going to play a review game in class.
i definitely didn't want to go considering i knew no one wanted me on their team.
i of course went anyways.
luckily she assigned teams. {she split the class right down the middle.}
and our jeopardy game began.

i was second in line on my team.
the first girl goes who i thought was a genius and loses.
pressure on. i know everyone on my team was banking on me to lose.
lets face it. i was banking on myself to lose.
the question came up.
the answer. "what is cardiac output."
blurted out by me.
straight up. one point for the class retard.
we proceeded the game.
and 5 more "genius" people on my team went up... all failed.
who is the class retard now? not me.
then more people went on my team and i think only like 2 or 3 got their question right.

it was back to the beginning.
the girl in front of me won hers.
that meant i got to choose the category.
obviously i choose body comp. for 50 points. {the hardest one in body comp.}
question: what makes up the female athlete triad?
seriously that is the hard question??
i have been taught this since middle school.
obviously i won with: what is osteoporosis. amenorrhea. eating disorder.
boom 2 for 2. 
we proceeded and i think only one other girl got both questions right.
who is the MVP now "smart people?"
oh ya that is me. the class retard.

lets just say because of my efforts our team somehow ended up on top.
that means 2 bonus points towards the final.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

we are young. {fun.}

i am going to miss these girls so much.
i have learned so much from each one of them.
they are so amazing and have helped me be the best i can be.
breanna. tiffany. jamie.

we are the CCYSA 1st ward group 1 relief society presidency.
my family loves me.
even though they did leave me in utah while basking in the sun in hawaii.
they sent me 3 pineapples straight from kauai.
i LOVE pineapple.

today i soaked up some sun.
christie and i went down to sand hollow.
it was a much needed day vaca.
i am going to miss her so much after this semester.
she really is one of my best friends.
we have way to much fun together.
and we have deep honest conversations.
lets just say we are one.

don't worry she really has two arms. but sometimes it looks like a nub.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

soak up the sun. {sheryl crow.}

well the family returned home from hawaii safely.
through out their trip they would take pics and send them to me.
i don't know if it was to make me jealous or to show how cute they were.
i think it was a little of both.
well here are the plethora of pics that i received.
join the jealousy.

beach bums

soak up the sun.

they kayaked and hiked to this amazing waterfall.

paddle surfing. yes my 8 year old brother is a beast.

lets zoom into his abs of steel!

easter sunday
they went whale watching on a dinner cruise. and saw dolphins.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

peter cottontail. {gene autry.}

ok yes i know in 1 hour it will be wednesday.
which means i am almost 3 days behind on posting about easter.
but it was such a great weekend it just has to be done.

so lets actually go back even farther.
on thursday morning my family left for hawaii.
leaving me, my older sister and her husband behind.
its ok you can feel bad for me.
i feel bad for me. 

well this past weekend was easter weekend.
and with the fam in hawaii i was an orphan.
ash and chad took me in for the weekend and we had a blast.

on friday i drove up to orem.
ash and i had a ton of places to go.
we ran here and there all over town.
finally when chad was off work we were done.
we then went to sizzlers for dinner.
i have never been there but it was quite delish.
we joked and laughed and had a blast.
we then went back to their apartment and watched the help.
it was a very good uplifting movie.

saturday was the bridal fair.
ash and i ran our booth for my parents dr. office.
actually let me rephrase.
the PA and ash ran the booth.
i simply sat and watched.
we did that from 10-5.
after which we decided to go to my parents house so rex could run around.
we picked up kneaders on the way and ate in the backyard.
the weather was beautiful.
after which we went to target to pick me up a skirt for church.
we then went to the sweet tooth fairy and got a cupcake.
we topped off the night with watching taken.
i love that movie.

sunday morning i woke up to a surprise.
now with my parents in hawaii i honestly didn't think i would get an easter basket.
well i woke up to a basket filled with candy and a darling blazer for the mish.
there was a note from the easter bunny telling me i was being missed in hawaii.
we then went to my home ward so i could announce my mission call.
i was so excited to announce it.
honestly every time i talk about it i get SOOO excited and happy. 

we then went to chads families house for easter dinner.
to be honest i was a little nervous.
i don't really know his family but they were awesome.
they got home from church about 1 hr after we got there.
chads mom is the best.
she was bringing out everyones easter basket and she had gotten one for me.
i almost burst into grateful tears.
seriously that was one of the nicest things that has ever happened to me.
we had an AMAZING dinner.
honestly i can't even explain how delicious it was.
i wish i took a pic of my plate it was beautiful.

after dinner we watched cupcake wars.
the sweet tooth fairy was competing.
now we love the sweet tooth fairy not only because of her cupcakes.
she catered ash's wedding. 
and she is my mom's patient.
so we have a special connection.
we were so nervous the entire time even though she totally rocked it.

i then had to say goodbye.
i made my way back to cedar city with some lovely easter candy.
i talked to my best friend megan on the way down.
if you didn't know megan just put in her mission papers too so her call should be coming soon.
we talked about everything.
she seriously is so amazing and i don't know how i got to be so lucky to be one of her besties.

it was such a great weekend.
i am so thankful for parents who love me even though they left me.
i am so thankful for a sister and brother in law who are the bomb . com and take me in and take such great care of me.
i am so thankful for chads parents who spoil me even though they don't know me.
i am so thankful for best friends who help me stay on track.
but who will love me no matter what happens.
i have an amazing life.

{the count down}
school done in: 3 weeks
run the red rock relay in: 4 weeks and a couple days.
run the utah valley half marathon in: 8 weeks and a couple days
enter MTC in: 13 weeks and 1 day.

my two easter baskets.

ash and i taking the typical easter pic in front of the house.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

boys in bands. {gym class heros.}

because boy bands make me swoon.

it started with them.
i swear they were way hotter.

and then it went to them.
lets face it. i still get butterflies listening to them.
and then to him.
oh heyyyy.
and now much like the backstreet boys and n'sync, my newest loves are...
these boys.

and these men.
actually "the wanted" are my top lovers right now.
honestly who can get over their manly faces. their british accents. and their amazing voices? 
not me.
these men make me swoon.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

called to serve. {the call.}

ok this post is long overdue.

lets start with the party.
friday night the whole family came over and we had a lovely dinner.
and then as the night continued on friends started to show up.
after each person had made their guesses it was time to officially open the call.

i had been so busy all day i hadn't even had time to be nervous. 
then it started getting closer to the time.
my heart was racing and my palms sweating.
i don't even know what i was nervous about.
i truly wanted to go anywhere.

ok back to story.
i took hold of the envelope knowing that what i wanted to know was in my hands.
my little brother came running up to me begging me to open it and he told me he wanted to rip it from my hands and open it himself he was just so excited.
as i walked up to the chair that i was to stand on, josh then grabbed my hand
he said: brooke i want to be standing right next to you. like right by you when you open it.
he could quite possibly be the cutest boy ever. he was stoked the entire night.

i made it to the chair and i proceeded to open the envelope.
i opened it and i started to read.
Dear Sister Savage...
You have been called to serve in the Illinois Chicago Mission.
I paused as i realized that i had just been called to chicago.
the third biggest city in the usa.
i have always dreamed of living in a big city.
i was then curious when i was leaving.
so i continued to read and read,
you will report to the provo mtc july 11,2012.
that is where i was going to stop.
and then BOOM. one word caught my eye.
that word being SPANISH.
obviously my shock showed on my face and in my voice as i said. OH MY!
i continued to read out loud:
you will teach the people in the spanish language.
the crowd erupted. hoots and hollers were heard all around.
i finished reading the letter which was followed by a plethora of hugs.

it is funny because everyone was guessing new york. boston. paris. london. etc.
everyone was guessing big cities.
but i had not even thought of chicago.
the more i think about the call it fits me perfectly.
Heavenly Father truly knows what i need.

after dessert and people started to leave i finally realized my emotions.
i felt relieved.
i don't know why. 
i think it was because i finally knew where i was going.
i felt stoked.
i was so excited to be going to a big city.
i was so excited to be going to a warm and cold place.
i was so excited to go to chicago.
i felt scared.
it is real.
the call is official.
i was going to have to learn spanish.
i am still freaking out about that.

i am so excited to be going to chicago.
and despite my worry i am so excited to learn spanish.