Tuesday, April 10, 2012

peter cottontail. {gene autry.}

ok yes i know in 1 hour it will be wednesday.
which means i am almost 3 days behind on posting about easter.
but it was such a great weekend it just has to be done.

so lets actually go back even farther.
on thursday morning my family left for hawaii.
leaving me, my older sister and her husband behind.
its ok you can feel bad for me.
i feel bad for me. 

well this past weekend was easter weekend.
and with the fam in hawaii i was an orphan.
ash and chad took me in for the weekend and we had a blast.

on friday i drove up to orem.
ash and i had a ton of places to go.
we ran here and there all over town.
finally when chad was off work we were done.
we then went to sizzlers for dinner.
i have never been there but it was quite delish.
we joked and laughed and had a blast.
we then went back to their apartment and watched the help.
it was a very good uplifting movie.

saturday was the bridal fair.
ash and i ran our booth for my parents dr. office.
actually let me rephrase.
the PA and ash ran the booth.
i simply sat and watched.
we did that from 10-5.
after which we decided to go to my parents house so rex could run around.
we picked up kneaders on the way and ate in the backyard.
the weather was beautiful.
after which we went to target to pick me up a skirt for church.
we then went to the sweet tooth fairy and got a cupcake.
we topped off the night with watching taken.
i love that movie.

sunday morning i woke up to a surprise.
now with my parents in hawaii i honestly didn't think i would get an easter basket.
well i woke up to a basket filled with candy and a darling blazer for the mish.
there was a note from the easter bunny telling me i was being missed in hawaii.
we then went to my home ward so i could announce my mission call.
i was so excited to announce it.
honestly every time i talk about it i get SOOO excited and happy. 

we then went to chads families house for easter dinner.
to be honest i was a little nervous.
i don't really know his family but they were awesome.
they got home from church about 1 hr after we got there.
chads mom is the best.
she was bringing out everyones easter basket and she had gotten one for me.
i almost burst into grateful tears.
seriously that was one of the nicest things that has ever happened to me.
we had an AMAZING dinner.
honestly i can't even explain how delicious it was.
i wish i took a pic of my plate it was beautiful.

after dinner we watched cupcake wars.
the sweet tooth fairy was competing.
now we love the sweet tooth fairy not only because of her cupcakes.
she catered ash's wedding. 
and she is my mom's patient.
so we have a special connection.
we were so nervous the entire time even though she totally rocked it.

i then had to say goodbye.
i made my way back to cedar city with some lovely easter candy.
i talked to my best friend megan on the way down.
if you didn't know megan just put in her mission papers too so her call should be coming soon.
we talked about everything.
she seriously is so amazing and i don't know how i got to be so lucky to be one of her besties.

it was such a great weekend.
i am so thankful for parents who love me even though they left me.
i am so thankful for a sister and brother in law who are the bomb . com and take me in and take such great care of me.
i am so thankful for chads parents who spoil me even though they don't know me.
i am so thankful for best friends who help me stay on track.
but who will love me no matter what happens.
i have an amazing life.

{the count down}
school done in: 3 weeks
run the red rock relay in: 4 weeks and a couple days.
run the utah valley half marathon in: 8 weeks and a couple days
enter MTC in: 13 weeks and 1 day.

my two easter baskets.

ash and i taking the typical easter pic in front of the house.

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