Thursday, September 29, 2011

slow decay {dashboard confessionals.}

something is wrong.
but i'm not sure what it is yet.
i am in a slump.
a big slump.

i put on a face of "ok"ness.
technically i really am ok.
just tired. annoyed. bugged. not motivated.
but i wear the face of "my life is perfect"

i don't care about anything or anyone.
i force myself to workout.
instead of wanting to go.
i don't care about school.
i am just studying enough to get by.
i am tired all the time.
but i feel like i sleep all the time.
i never feel quite good enough for anything.

i need a change.
a big change.
something quick.
quicker then yesterday.

its happened before.
but it was right before summer started. so that fixed it.
i am doomed now considering winter is just around the corner.
hopefully this crazy weekend that is about to happen will help.
ill keep you updated on my life of boring.
oh and conference.
yes conference will definitely help.

Monday, September 26, 2011

random. {lady sovereign.}

what a weekend.
seriously so great.

i went home for the first time this semester.
my brother got baptized.
and i went to soccer games.
oh and the BYU game.
photo bomb.

crazy fans.

the baptism was great.
he is seriously the cutest thing ever.
and i am sad i didn't get a picture.
but josh had the light of Christ.
and you could tell he was perfect.
ya man.

after the baptism we had breakfast.
everyone came over and we made kneaders french toast.
yes it was bomb.

it was so fun to see the family.
i miss them so much.
but i also miss my cedar family so its even.

i wish ash and i lived closer together.
that would be nice.
speaking of ash. its their anniversary.
happily married 2 years.
i look up to them so much.
they are the greatest example to what i hope my life is like when i grow up.

sisters. hello platinum.
anyways. before i left cedar i had some frozen chicken.
except i unfroze it.
i made a chicken sandwich.
it was divine.
except the bread was a little soggy.
i think i should have toasted it first.
but it was still delish.
take a look.
chicken sandwich with sprouts.

chicken sandwich. steamed broccoli!

sorry this post was so random. 
it was kinda a random weekend.
we like random.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

we like to party. {vengaboys.}

like i mentioned last week was our homecoming week.
take a look at a pic or two or a lot.
we like to party. its fine.
party with the neighbor boys.

coolest drink machine ever. it is made from ice.

sometimes we do dumb things and have a pop drinking contest.

sometimes we are just cool like that.

we love suu.

suu game. we dominated.

dance. yes we love taking pictures with random men. no i don't know who any of them are.
yesterday i did it again.
"plan b" went into action.
but this time it was the amazing veggie sandwich.
it was. a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
i could feel the healthyness of it go straight into my body.
have a look into healthyness' face.

amazing veggie sandwich.
original: thesisterscafe.
i of course put a twist on the original.

all on the buns.

yum yum. i hear another one calling my name.

1 thin wheat hamburger bun.
1 wedge laughing cow cheese (i used garlic and herb.)
cucumber slices.
tomato slices.
white onions.
sprouts. (if your wondering walmart doesn't sell sprouts in cedar. there for i went on a run to smiths because yes they are that important.)

now just slap it all on the bun and enjoy.

Monday, September 19, 2011

homecoming. {kanye west.}

oh what a weekend.
it was homecoming for suu so let me tell you we had a party.
between dancing. football games. concerts in parks.
there was always something to do.
suu killed texas in football.
45 to 22. can i hear a woot woot??
not even a competition.


as sunday came around it was time to put "plan  b." into action.
i made the sweet and spicy chicken.
boy was it good.
and the best part.
leftovers. for 4 nights.

ingredients needed.

the lovely old school crock-pot.


put it in.

wrap it up.

freeze for days to come.

sweet and spicy slow cooker chicken.
original recipe thesisterscafe.
(i changed up some things)

1 pound boneless. skinless chicken breasts.
1 (14 oz.) can petite or regular diced tomatoes. DRAINED
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon southwest spice blend.

place chicken in the bottom of the slow cooker. in a small bowl, combine tomatoes. brown sugar and southwest spice blend. pour over chicken. cover slow cooker and cook on high for 4-6 hours or on low for 8-9 hours. (i cooked mine on high.) with two forks shred chicken. i split mine up in 4 servings and ate 1. and froze 3.

i ate it in a lettuce wrap fashion. deeelish.

happy birthday (josh) {the song}

today my baby brother turned 8.
he is a stud.
sometimes we claim to be BFF's.
other times he tells me go leave and go to college because i am annoying.
then he will call me and find out the exact minutes until i will be home from college.

he is the most athletic 8 year old child i have ever met.
he plays soccer like there is no tomorrow.
he runs 5k's with me.
he golfs like a pro.
and ice skates like he is in the olympics.

he is the funniest kid i have ever met.
he whips jokes out like no ones business.
he can quote the most random things.
he laughs at pretty much everything.
and when he starts.
he doesn't stop.
he can and will out sing anyone in the primary.
even the screaming child who's parent forced them on stage.
yep. he is the bomb {dot} com. 

happy birthday josh.
josh and ty at miss america. 

rockies game!

in front of buckingham palace. he insisted on being in my picture.

like 4 years ago with best friend olivia ice skating.

he is a nut. if you read the sign it says please do not jump or play on rocks. ha.

he did not want this pic taken obviously.

swimming in the beach in sweden.

josh and the random bunny statue in the park.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

junk food junkie. {larry groce.}

so i have been kinda lazy this year at school when it has come to cooking.
sandwiches. cereal. sweet potatoes. ("baked" in the microwave). or krave frozen yogurt.
for dinner.

this my friends is a problem.
so i have set a new goal.
to create a solution.

its called plan b.
or plan blog.
it has two different meanings.
one. about every 10 days i will stalk one "food" blog and find 3-4 new recipes to try.
obviously i go grocery shopping every 10ish days.
i know what you are thinking. 
only 3-4 new meals for 10ish days.
its called leftovers.
two. throughout the week when i try one of the new recipes i will blog about them.
you know. likes and dislikes. 

so here is to the first week.
this week i will try recipes from thesisterscafe blog.

sweet and spicy slow cooker chicken.
amazing veggie sandwich.
fresh tomato and basil pasta.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

no air. {jordan sparks. chris brown.}

so i was working my butt off at the gym.
i had already biked and ran and now i was on the elliptical.

then it hit me like a ton of bricks.
smoke. cigarette smoke.
then i saw him.
obviously the thought process of..
not next to me. not next to me. crap.
yep mr. i light one up then work out at the gym with a rock star in hand.
came and started ellipticaling next to me.
just my luck.

since my ipod was on shuffle my song changed.
no air. by jordan sparks and chris brown blared in my ears.
i busted up laughing.
because literally i couldn't breath.
that is when i had to end the elliptical early. 
and refresh my lungs.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

god bless america. {patriotic song.}

10 years ago our world was shaken.
we watched as lives were taken.
and we saw heros born.
we saw the crash of the airplanes.
and we saw the fall of the buildings.
we watched mothers. fathers. and children. die.
we saw the decisions of some. save others.

what could have been the end of our nation.
was just the beginning of strength.
when they tried to tear us down.
we fought back and united that much more.
never have we mourned so hard for the lives lost.
and never have we bonded and became stronger.

united we stand. together we fall.
forever remember september. 11.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

19-something. {mark willis.}

we might be confused.
or maybe its everyone else.
but pretty sure with in the last 2 weeks.
we have been dancing through the decades.

we rewinded our lives back to the 80's
then even farther back to the 50's 
and every now and then we stayed in the 2011.


check it.

audrey hepborn. pink lady.

pink lady. 50's house wifie.

dang straight.
sometimes i try to take pics in the mirror and look cool.

2011 first day of school outfit.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

made to be together. {trey songz.}

meet the roommates.

this is grecia.
she is a junior at suu studying nutrition.
she is from north carolina.
she is dating a baseball player who is on his mission right now.
they will be getting married in about a year.
she is blunt and she calls it as she sees it.
she is cute. and loves to decorate.
all i know is our apartment looks like it does because of her.

this is kayla.
she is a sophomore at suu. 
she is still trying to figure out her major but it will be something to do with health and wellness.
she is from spanish fark.
she is so cute and so much fun.
she is a licensed cosmetologist and let me tell you it is bomb.
she is someone who i can tell all my secrets to because i know she will listen and not judge.
i love having heart to hearts with her.
she is simply amazing.

this is christie.
christie is technically a junior although she is not taking classes this semester.
she is from so. california.
she has too much talent to think she is real.
she will be americans next top model.
she will win american idol.
she will also win project runway.
she is a party to be around.
yes we like christie.

let me tell you. moving in with girls whom you have never met is scary.
so scary you second guess your decision.
you want everything to be ok. 
but there is a good chance it won't be.
do you ever wonder when its your time for everything to work out perfectly.

well its our time.
together we are a family.
we get along so well its as if we have been besties for life.
we know each others strengths and weaknesses.
we lift each other up.
we all have similar trials.
and we are all trying to be better.

we all have the same beliefs.
and live the same standards.

i no longer worry if it is going to work out.
because i know it will.
i no longer worry about what they think of me.
because i know they will love me and understand no matter what.
i know i won't be put in bad situations.
because they won't let me get there in the first place.
i no longer worry about having to stand up for my standards over and over.
because i know they will stick up for me instead.

lets just say 3rd times a charm.
take a look at a pic. or two. or more.

80's dance.