Sunday, September 4, 2011

made to be together. {trey songz.}

meet the roommates.

this is grecia.
she is a junior at suu studying nutrition.
she is from north carolina.
she is dating a baseball player who is on his mission right now.
they will be getting married in about a year.
she is blunt and she calls it as she sees it.
she is cute. and loves to decorate.
all i know is our apartment looks like it does because of her.

this is kayla.
she is a sophomore at suu. 
she is still trying to figure out her major but it will be something to do with health and wellness.
she is from spanish fark.
she is so cute and so much fun.
she is a licensed cosmetologist and let me tell you it is bomb.
she is someone who i can tell all my secrets to because i know she will listen and not judge.
i love having heart to hearts with her.
she is simply amazing.

this is christie.
christie is technically a junior although she is not taking classes this semester.
she is from so. california.
she has too much talent to think she is real.
she will be americans next top model.
she will win american idol.
she will also win project runway.
she is a party to be around.
yes we like christie.

let me tell you. moving in with girls whom you have never met is scary.
so scary you second guess your decision.
you want everything to be ok. 
but there is a good chance it won't be.
do you ever wonder when its your time for everything to work out perfectly.

well its our time.
together we are a family.
we get along so well its as if we have been besties for life.
we know each others strengths and weaknesses.
we lift each other up.
we all have similar trials.
and we are all trying to be better.

we all have the same beliefs.
and live the same standards.

i no longer worry if it is going to work out.
because i know it will.
i no longer worry about what they think of me.
because i know they will love me and understand no matter what.
i know i won't be put in bad situations.
because they won't let me get there in the first place.
i no longer worry about having to stand up for my standards over and over.
because i know they will stick up for me instead.

lets just say 3rd times a charm.
take a look at a pic. or two. or more.

80's dance.


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