Friday, August 26, 2011

la marseillaise. {france national anthem.}

happy bastille day.
{kinda like 4th of july. but for france.}
well today we expected pure craziness.
and well to a point it was.
we started the day out with the bastille parade.
when you are 5'2" and you get to the parade a little late.
plan on not seeing any of it.
literally i didn't see a thing go by. its fine.
supposedly it was cool. i wouldn't know.
planes to open the parade.
after we went to the luve museum.
umm loved it.
my favorite included.
the original mona lisa.
the armless naked statue. {120 b.c.}
and much much more.
it seriously was all breath taking.
mona. she was behind SOOO much glass. so she wouldn't get stolen.

famous naked one armed lady. to think she was looking just like this in 120 b.c. amazing.
since paris is famous for the pastries. that was our lunch. along with crepes.
pastries at pauls. {good thing we ran into the missionaries. they told us where to get the best.}
we had:
brownie. peach tart. pain aux chocolat. sugar bread.
my favorite was either the peach tart or the sugar bread.
we then stopped for crepes on our walk to the notre dame.
we had:
ham and cheese crepes. jelly crepes. sugar crepes.
jelly was by far the best.
oh and the guy helping us couldn't say ham.
therefore he yelled at us.

after lunch we went to notre dame.
umm hello quasimodo. 
we didn't get to go to the top because it closed early for bastille day.
but it was still so amazing to go inside.
love it!
since it was bastille day all the sites closed early.
so we decided to go shopping on the streets.
i got the cutest floral print pants.
and a cute salmon colored romper.
i love the styles in france.

dinner was a different story.
we attempted to go to a nice place. but they wouldn't seat us.
so then we decided to go somewhere else.
i got this cheesey tomato bread thing.
not the best. definitely not worth the calories.

funny thing about bastille day.
no one dresses up.
for the 4th everyone is decked out in red. white. and blue.
you would think that would be the same for france.
think again. 9 americans all decked out in france colors.
the only 9 people in all of france decked out in their colors.
call us tourists.
the luve.

angel statue in the luve. no we were not suppose to take this picture and we got in trouble right before this was taken.

brothers with dum dum.

notre dame stained glass window.

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