about her.

hi i'm brooke. and simply put i am me.  i follow my own rules and dance to my own beat. 
i am in my senior year at utah valley university where i am studying exercise science. my dreams have changed an i want to become an event planner. so once i finish this degree, i am off to live my dream of living in london while obtaining a degree in event planning. there is two things that would stop me from living that dream. but those will be left unsaid.
i recently returned home from my mission where i served in the illinois, chicago spanish mission. i loved every minute of it and i wish i could go back. but life is great here too.
i love eating healthy and working out. and i am currently training for a ragnar that i will run with my family august 8-9.
i will always give you the benefit of the doubt and i try not to judge people because i am just as flawed as everyone else.  i have had an amazing life and i wouldn't change it for the world. 
i love cheesy disney channel, action or superhero movies.  i have a crazy love for pageants. ice cream. jonas brothers. one direction.  and grapes. i play the harp. i love london.
if you have a question ask.  i will answer. i dare to be different. and well i was born to be brooke.

harping it up.
past roommates.

i love london.

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