Thursday, September 29, 2011

slow decay {dashboard confessionals.}

something is wrong.
but i'm not sure what it is yet.
i am in a slump.
a big slump.

i put on a face of "ok"ness.
technically i really am ok.
just tired. annoyed. bugged. not motivated.
but i wear the face of "my life is perfect"

i don't care about anything or anyone.
i force myself to workout.
instead of wanting to go.
i don't care about school.
i am just studying enough to get by.
i am tired all the time.
but i feel like i sleep all the time.
i never feel quite good enough for anything.

i need a change.
a big change.
something quick.
quicker then yesterday.

its happened before.
but it was right before summer started. so that fixed it.
i am doomed now considering winter is just around the corner.
hopefully this crazy weekend that is about to happen will help.
ill keep you updated on my life of boring.
oh and conference.
yes conference will definitely help.

1 comment:

Shauna said...

Conference always helps me feel better too:)