Sunday, October 2, 2011

new girl in town. {hairspray.}

after a couple of weeks of decision. preparation. and hard work.
she is ready.
who is she??
"she" is mine and my sisters new food blog.

here is the story:
so we were all home for a weekend {which is rare.} 
my sister ash was like lets start a food blog.
i of course jump on the band wagon.
we then invited the younger sisters.
together we created the sun*kissed bistro.

check her out.
you won't be disappointed.
{well maybe you will be. but that is only because we only have 1 recipe up.}
but i will be posting today.
and don't fear because we will be posting 3-7 times a week.
check it out HERE! 
and become a follower.
{you know you want to.}

p.s. greatest weekend ever. i will blog about it tomorrow. seriously so stoked to share it!!

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