Monday, October 3, 2011

run baby run. {sheryl crow.}

funny how the last couple weekends have been amazing.
but this one beats all.
it was family oriented.
it was sun oriented.
it was general conference oriented.
it was great.

after school we {the roommates} decided to take a trip to sand hollow.
it was much needed.
we soaked up the sun.
we also played in the water.
it was beautiful weather.

friday night.
my family drove down to st. geezy picking me up on the way.
we saw the little mermaid at tuachan.
it was amazing.
the costumes. the special effects. the acting and singing.
all awesome.

saturday morning.
early morning. like really early.
we pulled ourselves out of bed to cheer on my uncle.
he ran the st. george marathon.
we cheered him on at mile 16ish.
then again at mile 26.2
it was a tear jerking experience.
5 runners still stick out in my mind.
the first was one who almost collapsed 50 yards in front of the finish line.
the guy running next to him helped support him to the end.
they didn't know each other. 
yet he helped him finish the race.
third was a man who was running with jello legs.
also about 50 yards away from the finish line.
his friend had his arm around him and carried him to the end.
all i can saw we were all fighting the tears.
of course in the back of our mind we were concerned about the 5th runner.
what if he didn't make it.
is he ok. does he need help.
then we saw him.
running strong.
he crossed the finish line 3 hours 14 min after he started his journey.
he qualified for the boston marathon by 1 minute.
he is my hero.
maybe i can be cool like william {my uncle}someday and run like he does.
waiting for will at mile 16

mile 16! looking strong!

mile 26.2! look at him go!!

after with wifey karen!

afterwards with the family.

saturday day.
after the race we went to the pool.
we basked in the sun and played with cousins.
we then went to the hotel room to watch general conference.
it was a great session.
i was the only one who knew because i was the only one awake.
my mom claims she was listening with her eyes closed.
i'm still not sure.
my mom and i by the pool.

cute cousins swimming.

"watching conference"

saturday night.
grease lightening.
yes we saw grease.
it was amazing.
i wanted to dance and join them on stage.
it was a party.
oh did i mention i stayed with my cousin nicole.
yes we had great fun together.
we love grease!

sunday morning.
bryans birthday party at the cracker barrel.
we had yet to win the triangle tee game.
but we ate a delicious breakfast before we went home.
my family dropped me off at school.
i watched conference. studied. and went to bed.
happy birthday bryan!
i think this weekend was a success.
but ash and chad.
carrie. cory. and family.
brucie. andrea. and family.
granny. and grandpa.
were GREATLY missed.
but it was still a party.


Shauna said...

Great recap of a great weekend, it was so much fun!

Karen S said...

Brooke, great pictures and comments!! We are missing all of you guys already. Can't tell you how grateful we were to have all you guys there and cheering William on! Thanks for the awesome pictures!!

Karen S said...

Loved the pictures and reading all your comments! We are missing you guys already. So grateful you guys came down and cheered William on. It meant so much to us to have you guys there!! Thanks for the awesome pictures!