Monday, September 26, 2011

random. {lady sovereign.}

what a weekend.
seriously so great.

i went home for the first time this semester.
my brother got baptized.
and i went to soccer games.
oh and the BYU game.
photo bomb.

crazy fans.

the baptism was great.
he is seriously the cutest thing ever.
and i am sad i didn't get a picture.
but josh had the light of Christ.
and you could tell he was perfect.
ya man.

after the baptism we had breakfast.
everyone came over and we made kneaders french toast.
yes it was bomb.

it was so fun to see the family.
i miss them so much.
but i also miss my cedar family so its even.

i wish ash and i lived closer together.
that would be nice.
speaking of ash. its their anniversary.
happily married 2 years.
i look up to them so much.
they are the greatest example to what i hope my life is like when i grow up.

sisters. hello platinum.
anyways. before i left cedar i had some frozen chicken.
except i unfroze it.
i made a chicken sandwich.
it was divine.
except the bread was a little soggy.
i think i should have toasted it first.
but it was still delish.
take a look.
chicken sandwich with sprouts.

chicken sandwich. steamed broccoli!

sorry this post was so random. 
it was kinda a random weekend.
we like random.

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