Monday, September 19, 2011

happy birthday (josh) {the song}

today my baby brother turned 8.
he is a stud.
sometimes we claim to be BFF's.
other times he tells me go leave and go to college because i am annoying.
then he will call me and find out the exact minutes until i will be home from college.

he is the most athletic 8 year old child i have ever met.
he plays soccer like there is no tomorrow.
he runs 5k's with me.
he golfs like a pro.
and ice skates like he is in the olympics.

he is the funniest kid i have ever met.
he whips jokes out like no ones business.
he can quote the most random things.
he laughs at pretty much everything.
and when he starts.
he doesn't stop.
he can and will out sing anyone in the primary.
even the screaming child who's parent forced them on stage.
yep. he is the bomb {dot} com. 

happy birthday josh.
josh and ty at miss america. 

rockies game!

in front of buckingham palace. he insisted on being in my picture.

like 4 years ago with best friend olivia ice skating.

he is a nut. if you read the sign it says please do not jump or play on rocks. ha.

he did not want this pic taken obviously.

swimming in the beach in sweden.

josh and the random bunny statue in the park.

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Marci said...

i miss this kid! happy birthday to him! been thinking of him all day :]