Saturday, September 17, 2011

junk food junkie. {larry groce.}

so i have been kinda lazy this year at school when it has come to cooking.
sandwiches. cereal. sweet potatoes. ("baked" in the microwave). or krave frozen yogurt.
for dinner.

this my friends is a problem.
so i have set a new goal.
to create a solution.

its called plan b.
or plan blog.
it has two different meanings.
one. about every 10 days i will stalk one "food" blog and find 3-4 new recipes to try.
obviously i go grocery shopping every 10ish days.
i know what you are thinking. 
only 3-4 new meals for 10ish days.
its called leftovers.
two. throughout the week when i try one of the new recipes i will blog about them.
you know. likes and dislikes. 

so here is to the first week.
this week i will try recipes from thesisterscafe blog.

sweet and spicy slow cooker chicken.
amazing veggie sandwich.
fresh tomato and basil pasta.

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Tristan and Kristin DiCristofano said...

tristan LOVES the tomato and basil pasta and guess what, it is very healthy :)