Saturday, April 21, 2012

we are young. {fun.}

i am going to miss these girls so much.
i have learned so much from each one of them.
they are so amazing and have helped me be the best i can be.
breanna. tiffany. jamie.

we are the CCYSA 1st ward group 1 relief society presidency.
my family loves me.
even though they did leave me in utah while basking in the sun in hawaii.
they sent me 3 pineapples straight from kauai.
i LOVE pineapple.

today i soaked up some sun.
christie and i went down to sand hollow.
it was a much needed day vaca.
i am going to miss her so much after this semester.
she really is one of my best friends.
we have way to much fun together.
and we have deep honest conversations.
lets just say we are one.

don't worry she really has two arms. but sometimes it looks like a nub.

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