Wednesday, April 25, 2012

winner. {jamie foxx.}

ok story time.

lets go back like 4 weeks. 
march 30th to be exact.
that was the day i opened my mission call.
lets go back to that morning in my exercise physiology class.

so obviously i knew my call was at home.
and obviously i was anxious to open it.
so if you put two and two together i OBVIOUSLY wasn't paying any attention in class.
{lets face it, do i ever pay attention in that class? hardly.}

so i had just gotten to class 1 min early.
dr. taylor starts to "review" the day before material.
i tune out.
then i hear "lets start here." and she points at me.
well that is funny i don't remember her even asking a question.
i look at her with a blank face and she asks the question again.
i don't remember what the question was.
but apparently it was stuff we covered the day before.
i straight up say "i am not sure..."
she proceeds to say "we made a long list of them last time."
frantically searching my notes there is no list.
i think she lied.
until she went on to the next kid and the next 5 students could name them off like she asked them their name.
that is when i was mentally voted "class retarded." by everyone and their dog in that class. 
its ok im over it.

fast forward to this morning.
i knew we were going to play a review game in class.
i definitely didn't want to go considering i knew no one wanted me on their team.
i of course went anyways.
luckily she assigned teams. {she split the class right down the middle.}
and our jeopardy game began.

i was second in line on my team.
the first girl goes who i thought was a genius and loses.
pressure on. i know everyone on my team was banking on me to lose.
lets face it. i was banking on myself to lose.
the question came up.
the answer. "what is cardiac output."
blurted out by me.
straight up. one point for the class retard.
we proceeded the game.
and 5 more "genius" people on my team went up... all failed.
who is the class retard now? not me.
then more people went on my team and i think only like 2 or 3 got their question right.

it was back to the beginning.
the girl in front of me won hers.
that meant i got to choose the category.
obviously i choose body comp. for 50 points. {the hardest one in body comp.}
question: what makes up the female athlete triad?
seriously that is the hard question??
i have been taught this since middle school.
obviously i won with: what is osteoporosis. amenorrhea. eating disorder.
boom 2 for 2. 
we proceeded and i think only one other girl got both questions right.
who is the MVP now "smart people?"
oh ya that is me. the class retard.

lets just say because of my efforts our team somehow ended up on top.
that means 2 bonus points towards the final.


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