Monday, April 30, 2012

you've got a friend in me. {toy story.}

well well well.
where do i begin?
lets start with this.
3 days until i move home.
i can't even wait.
because that will me finals are over.
and it also means i am done with school until 2014
but i am going to miss my best friends here.
seriously i will probably cry.

a serious update on my best friends are needed.
megan is going on a mission!!!!!
i am so stoked for her.
she got called to the louisville, kentucky mission.
she leaves 2 weeks before me.
interesting fact: her mission borders my mission.
kinda stoked about that.
yes i know that means i still will not see her.
but it means we are going to be living in the same culture.
and knowing your best friend is just a state away instead of 12 countries is comforting in a strange way.
she is going to be a top notch missionary
and the people of kentucky are unbelievably lucky.
she is the bomb.

now kristin. 
she is moving to wisconsin for summer sales.
which means we are all going to be in the mid west this summer.
kinda cool? i think so!!
then when she gets back she is starting... wait for it....
the nursing program at the U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am so excited for her. 
she is going to be the best nurse in the whole entire world.
seriously i almost screamed in the library when she told me she got accepted into the program.
lets just say the nursing program is unbelievably lucky to have her as a student.
she is also the bomb.

i am so ridiculously lucky to have these two amazing girls in my life.
and that they are my best friends.
they make me such a better person.
1 1/2 years apart will be tough.
but if we have survived 3 years separated by colleges.
1 1/2 years will fly by.

way back to senior year 3 years ago.

we are such babies.

senior trip.

best picture ever.

kris is married!



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