Tuesday, May 8, 2012

change. {taylor swift.}

what an exciting crazy week!
lets back track to last monday.

just as luck would have it i had all 3 of my finals all on last wednesday.
now granted it was going to be nice to get them all over with
but studying was a different story.
i had to prioritize my time between three exams.
and i had to retain all the information in my head for three exams.

after a total of 20 hours in the library consecutively over 3 days my brain was fried.
i took my first exam. not awful. not awesome.
my second exam same as above. 
could have been worse. could have been better.
my last exam.
lets just say i rocked it to say the least.

after my three exams i just sat and slowly let all the info in my brain leave.
seriously my brain went from a headache to not a care in the world.
well when that happens i apparently become hyper.
not the oh she is happy hyper.
not the complete crazy hyper whom you can't control.

we went to krave.
we went to the "spinny" park.
we won't go into detail about the spinny park.
and we hit up walmart.
followed by watching an 90's movie.

i was out of control.
what could i say it was my last night in cedar until 2014.
and i had to go out in style.
leaving my mark everywhere.

the next day i had a wonderful presentation.
lets just say brooke and i rocked it.
{no i do not have multiple personality disorder. my group partner is also named brooke.} 
then came the dreaded goodbyes.

i had to say goodbye to one of my best friends and roommate christie.
seriously she is the best.
we have conversations across the room by reading each others minds.
we talk because understand each other.
we help each other be better.
simply put we are one.
i miss her immensely.

don't get me wrong i will miss my other roommates but christie and i were best friends.
oh i will also miss my neighbor aaron.
he practically lived in our apartment.
we sorta fought like brother and sister.
but we were still friends. sometimes.

i am going to miss cedar.
and my friends there.
but change is inevitable.

now my focus is on 3 things.
red rock relay. {this saturday.}
half marathon.{june 9.}
and obviously mission. {july 11.}

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