Tuesday, May 15, 2012

stronger [part 1]. {kelly clarkson.}

oh my. this past weekend was pretty much life changing.
we are going to start with our friday adventure.
just for the record. i am writing this in separate blog posts because it would have been 5 pages long.

the plan was to meet at our house at 12:00.
which meant checking lindsay out of class.
sue driving from heber.
mom coming home from work at 11:30
rachel and jen walking across the park.
and well i guess i just walked right out the door.
we packed our car with food. drinks. and running clothing.
we then decorated our car.
because lets face it we wanted everyone to know where we were headed.

once everything was packed and we were all situated we started our long journey to moab.
we talked about life. about training. and about everything in between.
after we smack talked the other decorated cars on the road we finally made it to moab.
we found our hotel and got situated.
after which we made our way to the race starting line to sign in.
we got our t-shirts. our car decals. and a bunch of other random things.

we then had to figure out where to go for dinner.
after much discussion we chose a pasta. pizza. patio place. {i can't remember the real name.}
we ordered our food with "carboloading" in mind.
i ordered a veggie calzone which was delicious and HUGE.

after dinner we decided that we needed to drive the course so we knew our whereabouts while running.
we also wanted to be able to see the hills that were going to be required for us to run.
as we started we had sayings of "oh that doesn't look too bad."
"oh that is just a small hill. you will rock that run."
"oh that hill is a doozie but don't worry look at the down hill right after that."
we continued with the positive running thoughts through out the whole 65 mile run.
little did we know we were a little deranged that night.
because those "not so bad hills" were straight up brutal.
but lets not jump the gun quite yet.
we decided to go to bed and get some rest. 
obviously i didn't sleep too well because of nerves.

team car of love.

massive veggie calzone.

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