Tuesday, April 3, 2012

called to serve. {the call.}

ok this post is long overdue.

lets start with the party.
friday night the whole family came over and we had a lovely dinner.
and then as the night continued on friends started to show up.
after each person had made their guesses it was time to officially open the call.

i had been so busy all day i hadn't even had time to be nervous. 
then it started getting closer to the time.
my heart was racing and my palms sweating.
i don't even know what i was nervous about.
i truly wanted to go anywhere.

ok back to story.
i took hold of the envelope knowing that what i wanted to know was in my hands.
my little brother came running up to me begging me to open it and he told me he wanted to rip it from my hands and open it himself he was just so excited.
as i walked up to the chair that i was to stand on, josh then grabbed my hand
he said: brooke i want to be standing right next to you. like right by you when you open it.
he could quite possibly be the cutest boy ever. he was stoked the entire night.

i made it to the chair and i proceeded to open the envelope.
i opened it and i started to read.
Dear Sister Savage...
You have been called to serve in the Illinois Chicago Mission.
I paused as i realized that i had just been called to chicago.
the third biggest city in the usa.
i have always dreamed of living in a big city.
i was then curious when i was leaving.
so i continued to read and read,
you will report to the provo mtc july 11,2012.
that is where i was going to stop.
and then BOOM. one word caught my eye.
that word being SPANISH.
obviously my shock showed on my face and in my voice as i said. OH MY!
i continued to read out loud:
you will teach the people in the spanish language.
the crowd erupted. hoots and hollers were heard all around.
i finished reading the letter which was followed by a plethora of hugs.

it is funny because everyone was guessing new york. boston. paris. london. etc.
everyone was guessing big cities.
but i had not even thought of chicago.
the more i think about the call it fits me perfectly.
Heavenly Father truly knows what i need.

after dessert and people started to leave i finally realized my emotions.
i felt relieved.
i don't know why. 
i think it was because i finally knew where i was going.
i felt stoked.
i was so excited to be going to a big city.
i was so excited to be going to a warm and cold place.
i was so excited to go to chicago.
i felt scared.
it is real.
the call is official.
i was going to have to learn spanish.
i am still freaking out about that.

i am so excited to be going to chicago.
and despite my worry i am so excited to learn spanish.


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That was an exciting moment and it does seem to be the perfect place. Thanks for letting us be a part of it๐Ÿ˜Š