Friday, July 8, 2011

tomorrow. {annie. the musical}

tomorrow. tomorrow. i love you tomorrow. you're only a day a way.
after months and months of planning.
it is finally here.

yep that is right i am going to europe with the family.
all 9 of us.
in europe.
this is an adventure waiting to happen.

why you ask?
well my daddy served his mission in sweden.
this year is my parents 25 wedding anniversary.
they want to celebrate with me.
i am so loved.
jk they want to celebrate with the family.

so we are going to london. paris. germany. denmark. and sweden.
we will be gone for two weeks.
so i won't have time to blog. probably until we get back.
which is the 23rd of july.

have a nice month.
oh and don't text or call me because my phone will work.
and will charge a butt load of money.
so unless you want to pay for it.
literally. dollars. don't do it.
cya. oh YEAH!

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