Thursday, July 7, 2011

i love you this big. {scotty mccreery}

american idol concert was amazing.
seriously i can't even explain.
i will try.
but i won't do it justice.
lets just say between stefano taking off his shirt.
and scotty waving to ME! umm ya straight up.
i had the time of my life.

so we sat 3rd row. on the floor
it doesn't get much better then that.
the whole first half was everyone but scotty.
i think stefano stole the first half of the show.
seriously though he was so entertaining.
then the second half was pretty much all scotty.
with a couple numbers with everyone.

here are some pictures of the night.
literally it shows how close we were.

opening with the girls!

pia and stefano singing california king bed a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

stefano. LOVE HIM! singing grenade.

thia singing who says.

naima singing on the floor.
so good. and she can dance like no ones business.

boys singing.

thia. lauren. pia. singing firework.

james. SOOO entertaining.

haley. singing benny and the jets. sooo good.


oh hello. {sorry its an awful picture.}

lauren singing like my mother does.

lauren. she is so cute. on the first song her hair clip fell out and after she finished singing she
found a little girl in the audience and gave it to her!


josh and scotty. josh loves scotty and he knew from the first time scotty was on stage he would win!
singing gone!

pretty sure after he waved to ME!

baby lock them doors and turn them lights down low!

i love you this big!


did i mention scotty waved to MEEEEE???? (:


Chad and Ash said...

Love this post!!! I am BEYOND jealous. Great pics!!!

indyblue said...

brooke! benny and the jets is my favorite that haley does(:
just thought i'd share.
me and lindsey sure miss your family(:
lindsey especially misses tyler!
have fun in europe!

brooke said...

Ahhh Indy I totally miss all you girls! And of course Tyler misses Lindsey sooo much too ;) ha umm I think a lml 2010 reunion? Ill plan it don't worry. Oh ps I love your bike picture on your blog!