Tuesday, July 5, 2011

firework. {katy perry.}

i love the 4th.
fireworks. summer. yummy food. awesome outfits.
unity. songs. flags. celebration.
what's not to like.

provo parade in the morning.
3.2 miles driving 2-3 mph. 
we followed llamas. 

they poo nuggets. and pee way too often.
just thought you would like to know.

i love being in parades when i see people who give me a shout out.
so here is to you who made my day yesterday.
udall family.
dupis family.
cook family.
kaylynn palmer.
lisa stubbs.
zandi briggs.
my family.
if i missed anyone. i am sorry. don't be offended.

family swim day was followed.
along with the famous pg fireworks.
last year they fired into the crowd. this year everyone was safe.
it just rained the entire time. its fine.

did i mention it is my mom's birthday?
well it is. 
i would tell you how old she is but i might get in trouble.
lets just say she is still young and hip.
for her birthday we ate at magelby's for breakfast.
came home and she opened presents.
we then had brownies and ice cream. with strawberry sauce.
along with kfc for the fireworks.

yes i think i gained 10 pounds just from this day.
this saturday is final weigh in.
i will win.
tomorrow starts another week of starving.
ha joke.
not really starving. just eating healthy.

here are some pictures for your enjoyment.
it was a lovely day.
sunday night watching crew.
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tyler the firework man.
parade. award: outstanding depiction of freedom festival celebration.

cake on fire. don't worry it took one blow.
i can't get this the right way. happy day of birth mom.

firework food.
oh hey.

we love fireworks.

hi dad!
we are so festive.

oh yea.


Shauna said...

What a fun 4th weekend. Didn't it seem like the 4th was 4 days this year? It was fun seeing you all on Sunday. I hope you mom had a great birthday, she deserves it!

Chad and Ash said...

I loved this post!!! So sad I missed it all with the family! See ya in 4 days!!! OH YEAH!!!