Monday, December 5, 2011

pay it forward. {divine fire.}

wow what a weird eventful day.
lets start with the morning.
so after i woke up and got ready i trudged out to my car.
lo and behold it was buried in a large blanket of fresh snow.
after taking a while to unscrape each window carefully.
i got in and threw her into reverse.
thats when things went bad. i was stuck in my stall.
class was to start in 4 min and i knew i wouldn't make it in time.
well me being the brave soul that i am i got out of my car.
i then noticed the huge line of cars to get out of the parking lot.
choosing the one closest to me i asked if i could hitch a ride.
{trust me when i say i would have never done this but a girl last week did it to me.}
she said yes and i made a new friend.

after class i realized i needed to book it home because i had to take my roommate to work.
trying to walk as fast as i could with out slipping and dying is harder then it looks when the ground is ice.
all the sudden a car stopped behind me and asked me if i needed a ride.
i was so relieved she was seriously a angel sent from heaven.

well now came the part where digging my car out had to happen.
my roommate had dug out my tires as much as she could while i was in class.
she then pushed as i drove in reverse. 
luckily we had kitty litter. ha.
we put some behind the tires and tried again.
boom. we were out!
she made it to work only like 4 min late.

i decided its my turn to pay it forward.
when i drive home or to school i am going to keep my eyes peeled for the unfortunate person walking in the bitter cold. then pick them up and take them home.

next eventful thing.
today is my half birthday. {yep the big 20 1/2!!}
its kinda a big deal in my family.
we don't get presents but we do make brownies.
well i am the one who usually remembers everyones half birthday so the chances of my family remembering were slim. {don't worry i still love them :)}
as 5:45 came around i decided to call my brother.

this is our conversation
brooke: hi guys! is josh there?
josh: hello?
brooke: hi josh! so did you make brownies today?
josh: umm no why?... IT'S YOUR HALF BIRTHDAY!!
brooke: why yes, yes it is!
josh: no but i will make some. 
brooke: ok send me a pic when they are done!
josh: ok bye!
brooke: bye josh love you!

about 30 min later i get a text from mom.
hahaha. i asked if josh had told her.
she then sent me this pic.
what a stud.
last eventful thing of the day.
we also had our ward christmas party tonight.
we had baked potatoes and salad.
along with some ice cream.
it was fun.
we sang songs and ate food.
we also made new friends.
i like new friends :)

blog highlight #5
today i am highlighting my friend tamela from a college life for me.
i met tamela this year from competing in the miss pg pageant.
she is so talented and so cute.
she has the greatest personality and style.
her blog is about her college adventure.
it also includes delicious recipes.
and it includes her outfits. honestly they are amazing.
check out her blog and trust me you won't be disappointed.

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