Tuesday, December 6, 2011

baby its cold outside. {glee.}

{this morning thought process.}
good morning brooke.
although your bed is nice and warm.
and your apartment is nice and warm.
and the sun is shining through the window.
let me tell you the degrees right now so you can dress appropriately.
yep you read that right -6!!! 
and to think i live in SOUTHERN UTAH!!!

its ok don't feel bad for me.
because that is not the worst part.
i start to scrape my car and realize that it isn't working.
don't worry the outside ice on my window is scraped nicely.
the inside ice. not so much.
i didn't realize your windows could freeze on the inside.
but apparently they can.
it was a dangerous drive to school today.
but you can't blame me.
class was starting and i couldn't be late.

in biology today we were talking about the reproductive system.
specifically the woman menstrual cycle.
my professor compared girls to a pack of wolves.
apparently there is an alpha woman who causes everyone around her to join her cycle.
wolves. yes that sounds about right when 4 girls {roommates} are on their period at the same time.

blog highlight #6
another one of my most favorite food blogs is our best bites.
my mom actually told me about this blog after reading about it in a magazine.
their recipes are amazing and so easy to follow along.
my favorite recipes from this blog are:

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