Sunday, December 4, 2011

happy. {leona lewis.}

i might be on a spiritual high.
and i really don't want it to leave.
testimony meeting was awesome.
sunday school was well sunday school.
relief society was heart felt.
and the christmas devotional was uplifting.
i love being LDS and i wouldn't change it for the world.
i love knowing who i am and what Gods plan is for me.
it is truly the reason for my happy life.

so i forgot to feature a blog yesterday so we will do two today!

blog highlight #3
what is life without family?
although my older sister and i live 5 hours away from each other, blogging is a way i can still stay in touch with her life.  I love reading her crazy stories she has with her husband and their "baby" rex. {yes he is a dog.} and it makes me so happy to know that she is happily married to her best friend. she is such a good example to me and i look up to her so much.  she is the one who first introduced me to blogging and she knew i would be obsessed. obviously she was right! if you want to read about her lovely life she lives follow her here!

blog highlight #4
lets continue on the family theme.
i love the holidays because it means not only family time but extended family time! 
sadly this year we haven't done much with my mom side of the family... yet.
but because my aunt blogs i get to stay caught up on her life and her families life.
i love reading my aunt shauna's blog from sum of 7.
she is witty and takes the cutest pictures of her kids.
recently they had a HUGE wind storm that knocked down SOOOO many trees.
check out her blog to see the pictures.
seriously it blew my mind.
HUGE trees that have been standing for YEARs on the ground.

here is to families.

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Shauna said...

Thanks for the shout out Brooke! I was a little nervous about the 25 days of blogging challenge but so far I have had lots to post about with our crazy storm. I hope we get to see everyone soon:)