Saturday, December 24, 2011

have a holly jolly christmas. {christmas carol.}

traditions. traditions. traditions.
i love traditions.
especially around christmas time.
christmas eve for our family is full of traditions.

we wake up and go visit santa at the mall.
obviously i ask for clothes.
and we take a cute picture.

we then come home and start our "candy making"
toffee. pb balls. carmelitas. candied popcorn. sugar cookies. brownies. cheeseball.
just to name a few.

then after much preparation dinner is eaten around 6:00
it is a feast.
meats. potatoes. veggies. rolls. galore.

after that we prepare for santa.
the elves bring some pajamas.
we set out the cookies and milk.
sing some christmas songs.
prepare the living room.
and we are sent to bed.

but not only to bed.
we all sleep in the play room in sleeping bags.
of course not much sleep happens.
then the morning awaits us at 6:00am when the parentals are called.

maybe half of the treats we made.

blog highlight 24.
i love angelas blog the princess life.
she continually gives good advice.
and she reminds all girls that we are princesses.
honestly if you need a reminder of how important you are read her blog.
if you need a reminder of who you are read her blog.
or if you just want a good uplifting blog to read. 
read hers.
for being in 9th grade she has an awesome view on life.
read her blog.

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Shauna said...

Sounds so fun hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!