Friday, December 23, 2011

joy to the world. {mariah carey.}

josh: brooke guess what?? {super excited.}
brooke: what josh?
josh: so carrie {our nanny} got an email from santa that had his naughty and nice list on it. guess what brooke? my name was on the nice list!!!!!
brooke: really josh?? thats awesome!! i bet you will have get something so cool cause you have been so good this year!
josh: i know i am so excited!

"we focused so hard in our families to help our children believe in santa. have we forgotten to help our children believe in Christ and remember the true meaning of christmas?"

 5 guidelines to have joy.
1. we need to be present when the joy happens. we can't dwell in the past or with things that have happened. we must choose to be happy and have joy.
2. we must have courage to have joy.
3. we have to be grateful to have joy. we can find true joy by overcoming our trials. a daily dose of gratitude is a daily dose of joy.
4. we must have forgiveness to have joy. if we are not forgiving others or ourselves there is no way for us to have joy.
5. we must serve others. the most Christ like quality is compassion and love.

unless we lose ourselves in service there is no happiness or purpose in life.

service for the day: today our family gave out our neighbor christmas gifts.  we bought 50 bags of cuties and split them in half. we ran the 100 bags of cuties around to our neighbors and friends. 

it truly is the only way to be happy is to serve others. and tis the season to give service.

blog highlight 23.
one of the greatest blogs i have found is the shine project.
ashley is seriously changing the world with one blog.
she is spreading the shine around and helping everyone.
check her out to watch how one person can truly change the world.

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