Saturday, December 10, 2011

finals. {rick ross.}

my brain is fried from studying.
sad thing is i feel like i don't know anything.

my stress level for my finals is sky high.
i have to dominate all of them to get good grades.
the chance of that. not good.
but don't worry i will continue to study and pray it is enough.

count down to christmas break 5 days.

blog highlight #10.
how sweet it is, is the cutest food blog ever.
click on the link and you will see what i mean.
she even has a post about her failures.
which is awesome because lets face it. 
no one is perfect in the kitchen at all times.
even if they make you think they are.
i recently stumbled upon it so i have yet to try any recipes.
but when i do try them i want to try...
just to name a few.

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