Friday, December 9, 2011

oh happy day. {sister act.}

for some unknown reason spring my freshman year my scholarship from high school didn't go through.
granted it was only for $500.
but still thats $500.

i decided to see what was up.
{yes it took me 2 years to realize it.}
i went to a scholarship counselor and had her look at what could have happened.
nothing. she couldn't find anything that would have made me not have it.
well she granted me that $500 for this coming spring semester.

lets do my spring tuition math.
original tuition amount: 2,738.50
minus $500 SUU scholarship.
minus $1500 Miss PG scholarship.

yep you read that right.
spring 2012 tuition = $738.50
2012 you are already off to a great start.

blog highlight #9
i love victoria. she blogs here!
we have been in the same home ward since i can remember.
we both have a ridiculous amount of love towards the jo bros.
and although i am 3 years older then she is we are still great friends.
she has the most beautiful smile and a laugh that is so contagious.
i love her blog because she tells you how it is.
she doesn't make her life so sugar coated on her blog.
every post she posts i can relate to because it is real feelings from a real girl.
check her out. you will be happy you did.