Thursday, December 8, 2011

i have a date. {the vandals.}

i have a date tomorrow.

with the LIBRARY.

blog highlight #8
today's highlighted blog is my friend and old roommate rachel.
i have known rachel since jr. high when we met in math class 7th grade.
she is in my stake back home and we went to the same high school.
rachel and i were never super close friends in high school. 
but my sophomore year of college we were roommates.
let me tell you we had a BLAST!
we went dancing all the time.
and we baked pretty much 24/7.
she is crazy fun. witty. and she knows what she wants in life.
read her blog if you want awesome recipes to try.
{cupcakes are her speciality!}
some great advice that she is taking into her life.
or her current post is about sexual healing.{definitely worth your time to watch.}
check her out here!

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