Thursday, December 15, 2011

hallelujah. {jeff buckley.}

well i survived.
finals = done.
and christmas break is here.
can i hear a hallelujah??

today is my brother and sisters birthday.
no they are not twins.
just exactly 3 years apart.

my brother tyler turned 17.
he is a stud.
my sister lindsay turned 14.
she is a freakin babe.

happy birthday to the coolest people eva.

blog highlight #15
ok since it is my sisters birthday i am going to give a plug for our blog.
there are 4 sisters in my family who all love to bake/cook.
because we live across the state of utah from each other we created a blog.
it is one way we can all stay in touch with each other and share our recipes with everyone.
lindsay and rachel just recently posted about amazing cheeseball.
check us out here!

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