Saturday, December 17, 2011

never stop. {hilary duff.}

so now that finals are done my life is boring.
instead of going 100 miles per hour.
im going like 10.
yet i still feel like my life is crazy busy.
which it is.
but it is just a different busy.

things i want to do while i am home:
play with my friends.
family parties. {one tomorrow!!}
bake. bake. bake.

hopefully there will be time for these things in my 10 mph life.

so yesterday blogging from my phone didn't allow a long post.
which meant a blog highlighting didn't happen. 
lets whip out two tonight.

blog highlight 16
i love the blog i believe in unicorns.
it is the cutest blog ever.
ashley posts about fashion. family. music. and everything in between.
she has the cutest love story.
she as the cutest style ever.
check her out.

blog highlight 17
its the small things blog is a "hair blog"
she is a hairstylist who obviously blogs about hair.
she has a ton of hair tutorials and pictures on how to do certain hairstyles.
i love it because honestly all those little tricks that hairstylist know. she reveals.
if you are going on a date and need a cute hair style. check her out.
if you just want to look so cute one day. check her out.
if you want to try a new "do" check her out.
you get the idea. check. her. out.

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