Sunday, December 18, 2011

its the most wonderful time of the year. {andy williams.}

today we had our family christmas party.
40 people = a whole ton of fun.
dinner. service project. nativity. annual dessert contest. white elephant.

dinner = mexican bar.
service project = writing our testimonies in Books of Mormon and sending them to our grandparents who are mission presidents in the tampa, florida mission to give to missionaries to give to investigators. 
nativity = i played the "head" angel.
annual dessert contest = i made homemade butterfingers which took 4th. my little brother made a simple chocolate cake which took it all the way. 1st.
white elephant = i got some gum. best present ever.

blog highlight 18.
so i went to pg with evan but i am 2 years older.
granted i have never talked to him. 
nor does he know who i am.
but his blog is bomb.
it is so creative and fun.
i honestly look forward to every time he blogs.
he just got his mission call and is going to Colombia.
pretty sure i am going to be sad when he leaves because that means his blog will be on hold.
but alas missions are awesome.
want to join the stalker status?? 
check him out here.

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Shauna said...

That was so fun being with everyone last night. We love you guys!