Friday, December 2, 2011

ramble on. {led zeppelin.}

random note #1
IT'S FRIDAY!! {woot woot}
not only is it any friday.
today is a special friday.

it is the last friday in SUU fall semester.
it was the last test before finals.
it is christie {my roommate.} half birthday.
which obviously means a party needs to happen.

random note #2
so i am the secretary in my relief society here in school.
last night we had a leadership training meeting.
so much information was given, along with a lot of amazing things to live by.

here is a dose of quotes for the day:
"be PATIENT with yourself, perfection is NOT necessary nor required in this life, but in the next.  what is required and expected of us is IMPROVEMENT AND GROWTH in this life."

"life NEVER gets easier. it just gets DIFFERENT."

"we should DEMAND improvement in this life. and when we do our best, HE is always there to make up the DIFFERENCE."

"we have the OPPORTUNITY to change families for ETERNITY, we must invite every girl {person} in our power to come unto him. that is our RESPONSIBILITY.

random note #3
sometimes i try new things with my hair.
sometimes they are a disaster.
sometimes they work out.
this was a no heat hair curling idea.
after a little help it was a success.
poor quality {again.} but you still get the idea :)
blog highlight #2

ok the girl who ate everything is the very first food blog i ever started following.
actually it is in my top 3 favorite food blogs that i follow.
every thing i have ever made from her blog has been a success!
she is currently pregnant right now so her posts aren't as often as they usually are.
but who can blame her? 
she is pregnant and some foods are just repulsive when you are pregnant {or so they say.}
she always has fun stories to go along with her posts.
and she has step by step photos that make everything look so appealing.
don't know where to start? 
here are my 3 most favorite recipes from her blog.


Tristan and Kristin DiCristofano said...

LOVE that jacket!!! Where did you get it?

brooke said...

thanks kris! its from express, i got it for christmas last year!