Thursday, December 1, 2011

let it snow. {michael buble.}

here we go.
25 days of blogging day 1.

between thigh high boots.
pea coats.
sparkly sweaters.
bow headbands.
and hot chocolate.
i survived cedar city's idea of december 1.

poor quality. but you still get the idea.

blog highlight #1

each day i want to introduce you to one of my favorite blogs. 
well it only seems fitting that we start with ashley palmers blog. {365 days with ashley.
we met as sophomores in high school through a mutual friend 
but it wasn't until our junior year and woman's choir that we truly became friends.  
she would tell me all her crazy happenings and keep me entertained {and on key} for the entire class. 
she is so fun to be around and holy cow can she tell a story.
 she gets you rolling for days. 
although i don't see much of her anymore {due to going to different colleges.}
 i love to stalk her blog and still get a crack out of all her posts. 
she loves life and honestly i am so blessed to know her. 
read her blog if you want a good wholesome laugh.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Brooke. Oh my heck. You are the sweetest & not to mention the cutest! I love that you are doing the 25 days of blogging! I wish I lived closer to you so we could have our once daily "what's new" chats. La la love you Miss Brooke!
Ps I love your style-truly unparalleled! You're adorable!