Wednesday, December 21, 2011

christmas shoes. {new song.}

lets pass it on.
it is the christmas season and everyone is in need.
what if you could help change a child's life forever?
well miss pleasant grove, lea wride is raising money to do just that.
she is raising money for the operation smile organization.
to help change children's lives by providing money for cleft lip/palate surgery.

if you want to read lea's own facial deformity story
or donate money {any amount will help}
click HERE!
and pass it on.
lets help lea reach her goal and help children in need!!

blog highlight 21.
ok there is one blog that is my all time most favorite blog ever.
it is actually the blog that made me interested in reading blogs.
megan abel is probably the cutest most awesome girl ever.
i have never met her but it is pretty much on my bucket list to be her friend.
her blog is real.
she talks about her real life heartbreaks and trials.
and she talks about her fun and happy times.
seriously she is living a cinderella story.
and now she has found her prince and will be getting married in january.
read her blog if you want to be inspired to live a better life.
or if you want to relate or have a good laugh.
just read her blog and become a stalker like me.
check out her "old blog" that i am absolutely in love with here.
and her new blog with the almost hubby here.

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