Tuesday, December 13, 2011

alabama. {neil young.}

first two exams done.
pe 4020: research methods and statistics.
pretty sure i dominated that exam.
{and maybe when i was in my car after this exam i let out some loud "woot woots".
and some "go me's."
 and some high fives all to myself.
and maybe even some dance moves.
just maybe.}
oh and by the way. alabama is my new favorite state for the time being.

biology 1020: human anatomy and physiology.
pretty sure i just did ok. if even that.

its sad when your 1020 class is harder then your 4020 class.
{especially when 4020 class is research methods and statistics.}
{and your professor is dr. lyons.}
its also sad when your 10.5 hour study day consisted of 8 hours toward 1020.
and 2.5 towards 4020.
not to mention the hours of studying for bio 1020 fri-sun. 

on a brighter note that may have been my last science class. ever.
now it is time to study then dominate pe 3050: motor learning tomorrow.
{no that is not a car class.}
and dominate nutrition 2020: nutrition in the life cycle on thursday. 
count down to christmas break: 2 days!!

blog highlight 12
obviously i forgot to blog yesterday. {oops.}
but we can fix that now.
many of you know that my little sister was little miss lindon last year.
well one of her attendants was indy.
indy blogs over at miss indypendent.
her blogs is definitely one of my most favorite blogs to stalk.
seriously she is so creative and so witty with her words its unreal.
she has a plethora of topics she blogs about.
one being the biebs.
{even if you don't like him. still check out her blog.}
another one being fashion.
another one being photography.
you get the idea. i could go on for days.
she is such a fun girl and it definitely shows through her blog.
seriously check. her. out. now.

blog highlight 13.
speaking of fashion. 
one blog i stalk is freckles in april.
i love this blog because it is all about fashion.
she had a fashion challenge a little while ago that i didn't take.
but i did throughly enjoy seeing everyones take on what she challenged.
my favorite day that she blogs is her "open to interpretation."
it is where she and her sisters choose a celebrity or an outfit and "copy" it.
they use what they have recreate the outfit as their own.
if you want fashion tips.
check it out.

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