Thursday, July 5, 2012

my best friend. {tim mcgraw.}

this post is about 1 week late.
but because of girls camp i didn't have any internet to update.

my best friend meg left on her mission one week + one day ago.
she is headed to louisville, kentucky.
but is currently in the MTC.
lucky her and i, we get to spend her last week and my first week in the MTC together.
our poor companions.
lets just say kentucky is the luckiest state in the whole entire world.
she has played a huge role in helping shape me into the girl i am today.

our friendship began in 9th grade.
but our best friendness began in 10th grade.
without her or kristin lets just say who knows where i would be.
i am so lucky to have the best friends i the whole entire world.

take a look at the past couple years through pictures.
{sadly i am awful at documenting our life. therefore these pics start at our senior trip in central america.}

besties for life.

she spices up my life.

she makes me touch bugs. NASTY!!

she makes me be adventurous. because heaven knows i am quite the opposite.

she is a beauty. (she will kill me if she ever knows i posted this.)

please enjoy our version of synchronized swimming. i think we should be olympians.
sorry there is no sound and the quality is horrible and it doesn't finish it.
but lets face it you were dying for it to end.

she supports me in everything i do.

at her farewell.

look out midwestern america. you won't know what hit you.


Tristan and Kristin DiCristofano said...

Oh my I love your missionary pictures together! You are both so pretty :)

Rachel said...

So excited for you!

Rachel said...

So excited for you!