Monday, July 2, 2012

drive by. {train.}

i have so much to blog about.
but that is what happens when you desert your blog for 2 weeks.
here are my weeks in pictures.

linds and i on our way to ward trek.

miss lea wride took 4th runner up at miss utah. SO PROUD!!! she was amazing!

the cousins from hawaii came and stayed for a week.

we went to the REAL salt lake game against LA galaxy and watched beautiful david beckham play.

david beckham was shirtless. bad quality. iphone.

we got signings from nico muniz. 

and from javier morales.

karen and i running the AF half marathon.
not the best pic of me. but it was FREEZING. hence the awkward stance.

after the half. i beat my other time  by 3 min.

sam {cousin} and josh took first and second in a golf tournament.

my best friend megan left on her mission. don't worry there will be a post dedicated to her shortly.
that pretty much sums up my life for the past couple weeks.
except girls camp. yes i went to girls camp.
i'll blog about it later.

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