Saturday, July 7, 2012

called to serve. {part 3}

now that it is officially saturday that makes the countdown to {4 days!!}
i can't even believe it.
and i am not sure it has fully hit me yet.
but as my MTC date nears i find myself so busy.
i have way to much to do.
and way to little time.
but isn't that the story of my life.

going on a mission is one of the hardest decisions i have ever had to make.
i am missing:
~ my family.
~ 2012 LONDON olympics. seriously i am so sad about this.
~ i am taking 3 semesters off of school.
~ multiple friend weddings.
~ family vacations.
~ my grandparents homecoming.
~ lindsay turning 16 and going on dates.
~ potentially tyler leaving on his mission.
~ justin bieber concert. yes this is a big deal.
~ one direction concert in utah. don't judge.
~ maybe my first niece/nephew. {no ash isn't prego... yet :)}
~ new music.
~ no facebook. blog. pinterest.
~ family traditions during the holidays and through out the year.
~ my best friends.
~ rachel competing in LML her first year.
~ running in races.

as you can see the list goes on and on.

but being able to come closer to Christ, share the gospel, learn a new language, help families be together forever, etc.  will make everything i am missing not that big of deal. 

my family will still write me.
the olympics will happen again.
school can wait. plus i need a break anyways.
friends will always be getting married.
my family will still be going on vacations when i come home.
and chicago is one large "vacation" for me as my dad would like to say. {ha.}
my grandparents will be at my homecoming.
lindsay will still be dating when i come home.
there is much potential that tyler will still be here.
justin bieber will come back.
so will one direction.
and if not well i already saw one direction, and i can get over justin bieber... maybe.
ashley will have many children and her oldest will not even remember me not being there.
i will learn all the "cool" songs that i missed when i come back.
ha facebook. my blog. and pinterest will probably be the thing of the past in 1 1/2 years.
traditions will continue to happen. hence the word tradition.
the besties have been split up for the past 3 years so i think we will manage.
and rach will either win LML and i will cry tears of joy. or she will lose LML and i will cry tears of joy that i will get to see her in the year after. its a win-win either way.
i will still be able to run some hopefully. and if not my shins need a break anyways.

i think i am ready.
but i don't know if chicago is.

p.s. come to my farewell.
it is this sunday {july 8th.} at 11:00am
address: 731 East Center Street Lindon, UT
and then come to my house after for some food.

*** picture credit goes to ash! ***


Vittoria Jackson said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! and i'm gonna miss you. you are amazing(:

Shauna said...

Oh my, I am almost crying. You are sacrificing a lot but gaining so much!