Tuesday, July 10, 2012

called to serve. {the final segment.}

well this is definitely a bitter sweet day for me.
this is my last blog post for 1 1/2 years.
my sister ashley will be taking over my facebook. email. and my blog.
hopefully she will post pictures i send and pieces of my letters.
i you want to write me check the "mission info" tab above for your options.

i have been listening to 1D all day because frankly i will miss them.
i have checked facebook one too many times because soon i won't be able to.
i am wearing high heels because tomorrow i start the "flats" fad.
along with shorts and a t-shirt because skirts start tomorrow.
i may or may not go swimming today.
i am spending all day with my most favorite people. my family.
i have been driving peggie sue {my car.} around town because she will soon be sold.
i have been soaking up the luxury of my iphone and instagram.
i ate my favorite ice cream and i might make a treat because baking is going to have to wait.
i will be having the longest greatest workout of my life.
and tonight i am going to enjoy my wonderful queen size bed.
because 1 1/2 years on a twin is going to make me really grateful for what i have.
i am also soaking in my walk in closet and own bathroom.
i am saying goodbye to all my clothes. accessories. and purses.
they will be attacked and divided between my sisters.
heaven bless them that they will survive.
i slept in until 9:00 am because tomorrow i will start my 6:30 am wake up schedule.
i have been chewing gum constantly {what is new?}
tomorrow i will be having with drawls. 
i have started my packing and it is starting to hit me that this is real.

along with all these different things inside i am bursting with excitement. and butterflies.
i can't wait to get this new chapter in my life started.
i can't wait to learn the gospel in a whole different way.
i can't wait to learn how to teach the gospel effectively.
i can't wait to learn how to speak spanish.
i can't wait to have the best and hardest 1 1/2 years in my life.
i can't wait to "leave myself behind and get to work."
i can't wait to have the best and worst companions.
i can't wait to change some ones life.
i can't wait to teach people about families are forever.
i can't wait to teach people about second chances.
i can't wait to be so roasting and so freezing from the chicago weather.
frankly i just can't wait for the good and the bad.

chicago we are about to have an interesting relationship.
i have already saved a place for you in my heart.
but first i have to make it through the MTC.
here is to sister missionaries.
here is to my mission.


Saving Grace said...

Good luck Brooke! You'll do awesome. I love your excitement. Can't wait to hear how you are doing.

D.B. said...

May the force be with you.

I'm sorry about your clothes, that would devastate me. Stay strong. ;)

See you in a year and a half!!

...have fun, smile, and learn.

Granny said...

God bless you Hermana Savage

Shauna said...

Good Luck sweet Brookie! We'll be praying for you.