Friday, June 8, 2012

happy birthday. {to me.}

happy birthday to me.... tuesday :)
ha well well well it is official i am 21 years of age.
that means i am pretty much legal for everything.
that is of course except renting a rental car.

tuesday was the biggest most awesomest day of my existence.
i am just so happy and so lucky i have a family and parents like mine.

lets start with waking up at 6:45 am to open presents.
yes that is right 6:45 am.
so you see my brother ty had a golf tournament and had to leave at 7:20.
linds. rach. and josh and swim team at 7:30-8:30
my mom worked at 8:30 until 2:00pm.
so in order to have everyone there presents were to be opened at 6:45 am.

considering my mission is coming sooner rather then later all i asked for were mission things.
i only asked for one "non mission" thing.
that being one direction tickets to the june 9th show in las vegas.
yes i know that they are coming to utah.
guess who will be in chicago? me.
yes i also know that 14 year old girls swoon over one direction.
i just turned 21 and swooning is what i do best.
something about hearing "your insecure. don't know what for...." on the radio just gives me butterflies.
when my parents knew that i wanted to go i heard things like this.
"seriously brooke? are you 14? you are going on a mission."
"the show is all sold out there is no way to get tickets."
"brooke you are running your half that day. you won't even make it down in time and you will be so sore you won't have any fun."
"dad doesn't want you going to las vegas with linds by your self.'
"there is no way you are going to that."
you know the list goes on and on.
love them.

june 5: 6:45 am.
the opening of presents begins.
it was a collaboration of luggage. scarves. sis mish shoes. watch. clock. church music. ctr ring {obviously in spanish.} purse/bag. hair things. the list goes on.
then behind my luggage i see two small presents.
obviously my heart skips a beat.
as i proceed to start to open them i had 4 tasks i had to do.
1. find the "burb" car key.
2. find my sister lindsay.
3. hold up 1 finger.
4. point in the "right" direction. obviously meaning south.
boom. my heart was racing. i was smiling. and my screaming was about to begin.
i open the first box and inside lay 2 tickets to one direction. june 9th. las vegas.
{that was my reaction. seriously though. watch the home video.}
then there was the last present.
inside lay a card that read.
"to brooke: because mom and dad won't allow just you and linds to go to vegas. as our gift we are going to "chaperone" you! love ash and chad!!!"
i was so stoked.
the four coolest people are going to vegas. nbd.
section 203. row F.
considering the show is sold out i believe these tickets are AWESOME!
and i believe that i have the coolest most awesome parents in the whole entire world.
this was just the beginning of my wonderful day.
saturday. i am coming for you.
after presents we had cake for breakfast. {tradition.}
i made my own cake.
it was a chocolate cake with a peanut butter layer in the middle covered in ganashe.
can i say heavenly? 
as dubbed by ash: this is the best cake in the whole entire world.

after cake i went straight back to bed.
i slept until 8:30 when i had to take linds to soccer.
i came home and slept again until 10:00 when i had to pick up lindsay.
obviously one direction was belted all the way there and back.

i then took one more nap to insure that i was not tired for the night.
i slept until about 2:00 when my mom got home.
we went to firehouse subs for my birthday lunch because dinner wasn't going to happen.
i then started to mentally prepare.

as you know i am going on a mission.
to go on a mission i must go through the temple and receive my endowments.
this is a huge step in my life.
i had been very hesitant about going through.
don't get me wrong all my life i have always dreamed of going to the temple.
it has always been my goal and dream.
but what i always dreamed was to first go through when i was getting married
obviously this isn't the case.
am i sad that i am not getting married. absolutely not.
but once i set my mind on something it is hard for me to change.
therefore i had to mentally prepare myself for a while that it is ok that i am doing things differently.

so when deciding on a date it took awhile to decide when would be a good time.
well i chose my birthday because when most people turn 21 they go out and party.
i do things differently so i decided to make it the most important day of my life.
after my interviews with the bishop and stake president it hit me.
june 5th is a huge day for me.
here are my reasons:
1. i was born on my birthday. {i know. special.}
2. i was baptized on my birthday.
3. i went through the temple on my birthday.
kinda a big deal right there.

lets just say that it was the most amazing experiences of my life.
i wouldn't change it for the world.
and i definitely can't wait to go back over and over again.
i am so lucky that even though i went through at 8:00 pm i was able to have lots of people there for me.
and it meant so much that they were willing to drive from layton, heber, and lindon to go through with me.
i have the best family in the whole entire world.

i would have to say that june 5, 2012 has been my most favorite birthday ever.

on a side note.
my first half marathon is on saturday.
my second half marathon is two weeks from saturday.
go me.

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