Monday, June 4, 2012

decisions. {ne-yo.}

so i may be making the stupidest mistake of my running career.
but for some reason i really just don't care and i really want to do it.
so there is this little thing called a half marathon.
yes i am running one on saturday.
{kinda freaking out about it.}

well there is another one on june 23.
when my aunt from hawaii is going to be in town.
well if we look back to decemberish i am reminded that the original plan was to run a half with her.
but with conflicting schedules we never fully committed to doing one.
well here is my chance.

the problem is my shins.
considering i can't really run outside right now and i am "training" on my elliptical.
{aka i am ellipticalling for 2 hours so i know my heart will make it.}
but i still might die.
actually i am just planning like running 10 min miles. this saturday.
uber slow. but what can you do?

but i am not sure my shins can take another beating in two weeks from saturday.
ill keep you updated on my final decision.

on a much brighter note my birthday is tomorrow.
it is going to be one of the greatest days of my life.
and i can't wait to tell you why!


Saving Grace said...

Are you planning on the Utah Valley? I am going to be working at one of the water booths. I'll look for you! Good luck.

Granny said...

Enjoy the run--every step of it and thank your Heavenly Body for such a strong and healthy body...aches and pains and all. I miss running so much so you must run for both of us....Love you

Granny said...

Enjoy the run...every step of it...and thank Heavenly Father for your strong healthy body...aches, pains et al. I miss running so much so you must run for both of us. You are loved!.