Monday, June 11, 2012

up all night. {one direction.}

i can't even begin to describe how wonderful this weekend was.
this was the agenda:
-half marathon
-one direction concert
-drive home

half marathon:
on saturday at 3:10 am my alarm goes off.
it was one of those times when i almost said screw it i am going back to bed.
and then i remembered that it was kinda important to wake up.
so i dragged myself out of my bed and slowly got ready to run.
once i was finally kind of awake, dressed, and fed i left the house at 3:40am.
it was dark. really dark.
as i parked my car and hopped on a bus i realized that was it.
there was no turning back now. i was going to run.
after what seemed to be forever our bus arrived at the drop off point.
i stood at a fire pit by myself trying to stay warm.
this was my final time that i could mentally prepare myself for what was ahead.
they then started to move us towards the start line as light started to appear.
i drank my gatorade prime and waited.
next thing i knew the gun rang out and we started our 13.1 mile journey.
i felt great. my legs were strong. my heart was strong. and my mind was strong.
i continued to run down through the canyon feeling absolutely amazing.
there were two hills in the canyon. 
each time a hill approached there were two things that went through my mind.
1. what goes up must come down.
2. you ran 5 miles up hill. you can do less then a mile no problem. keep running.
although i slowed down some on the hills i felt great.
mile 7 was the mouth of the canyon.
mile 7 was the first true spot where spectators could cheer on.
mile 7 was where my family was waiting for me.
rounding the corner and seeing my family cheering was the most amazing feeling ever.
knowing that they were there if anything went wrong was wonderful.
lucky for me i was still going strong.
i gave a quick smile and thumbs up and i continued to run.

next was at about mile 8.5 this was my sisters cheer station.
she and her lovely dog rex awaited for me to run past.
when i saw her it was just as great before.
knowing there are people out there cheering you on is the greatest feeling ever.
then finally at mile 10 they were waiting again.
cheering me on to the finish.

if we back track to mile 7 this is about where my thighs started to slightly burn.
but i kept my mind strong and i continued to run.
by mile 12 my thighs were a burning.
pinterest quotes always come to me at the right time.
even in the middle of a race.
no joke i started to repeat this over and over.
my body was tired.
my mind was strong.
as i sprinted through the finish line i had never felt happier.
my finish time was 2 hours 15 minutes.
i found my family.
ate some food.
took some pictures.
and then we left.

after i arrived home i kicked into action.
i showered.
i packed.
and i was ready to leave utah.

as we remember for my birthday i was given one direction tickets for their vegas show.
ash. chad. linds. and i started our wonderful 7 hour journey down south.
after running it is horribly bad to sit for a long period of time.
it causes muscle soreness.
is 7 hours a long time? ha
don't worry i came prepared with multiple ice packs.

during the car ride there was much 1D singing going on.
along with sleeping.

as we arrived in vegas my heart rate increased knowing i was in the same city as them.
after many tours of different parking garages, we found a bomb {dot} com parking spot.
we checked into our hotel and beautified ourselves for the night.
at 6:00 pm we went to dinner to YOLOS.
its pretty much the best mexican restaurant in vegas.
us at dinner.
one direction concert:
after dinner we made our way to the concert.
there was the longest line known to man to get into the concert.
once we finally made it into the venue it was maddness.
we fought our way to get some lovely t-shirts and a poster.
we then were walking to our seat when we ran into the lovely indy severe.
we talked for some time and she told us this wonderful tale:
she had made twix bars with her number on it and gave it to some girls who had front row seats to throw on stage. that obviously meaning that the boys would have her number.
we said goodbye and we found our seats.
they were awesome seats to say the least.

we took pictures while we awaited our boys to come on stage.
during the opening act every now and then a couple of the boys would come into the arena.
obviously we would all freak out and pay more attention to them then to olly murs who was performing.

then it began.
first with a countdown.
then the most wonderful, heart throbbing sound came out.
"we're like NA NA NA."
boom. we were all taken captive.
i don't know if i have ever screamed as loud as i did that night.
{even ask the people in front of us. they were clearly annoyed.}
each time they would sing a song i would burst into screaming and laughing and loving.
they were absolutely amazing live.

harry was more stunning then i expected.

zayn was absolutely amazing

niall was unbelievable. i instantly fell in love with him.

louis was hilarious and so good.

liam was unreal.

lets just say that i may never be the same after this concert.
after the last song {what makes you beautiful.}
we all cheered for an encore.
obviously they came back.
and right before they started singing their last song the funniest thing happened.
all of the sudden something flies up on the stage.
{this was not uncommon. things were flying up the entire time.}
but this thing flew up and hit louis right in the face.
obviously his reaction was:
"ouch twix bars hurt!!"
linds and i were freaking out.
boom. the camera zooms in and on top of the twix bar is a phone number.
we were going nuts.
indy's twix hit louis.
and now harry had her number.
we are so proud to call indy our friend ha.
they finished the encore with "i want".

getting out of the theater was a different story.
as we walked out all of the sudden we hear.
"brooke? brooke savage?"
obviously i was confused. we were in vegas. who knew me?
well it was my lovely neighbor valerie.
i was so stoked because i haven't seen her for a couple years.
it was so fun to run into her in vegas of all places.
after what seemed to be 1 hour we made it out of the theater in one piece.
walking out of the theater.
after such an exciting night we all crashed in our hotel room and slept the night away.

the next morning we decided to eat crepes for breakfast.
in my mind it was in honor of the european boys we watched the night before.
lets just say they were the most amazing crepes ever.
we then proceeded to the sugar factory.
we loaded up on candy for the drive home.
we made it to our car and we said our goodbyes to vegas and to one direction.

this time as we drove we told stories and laughed like none other.
we stopped in cedar for lunch and to visit christie.
i was so excited to see her.
she is gorgeous and i miss her so much.
we then continued on home. 
we ended our weekend with a wonderful sunday dinner with the family.

i have the best parents and family ever.
don't be surprised if the next million posts contain 1D concert pics.
i think i took one too many.
yes this pic is off of the jumbo screen.

i can't get over this boy.

i fell in love with this boy.

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Shauna said...

First of all I am so proud of you for running 13 miles, wow!! Also, Annie is reading this post with me and she has intense "One Direction Infection". We are going next summer, it will be hard for her to wait. She loves your pictures.