Wednesday, December 14, 2011

at the library. {green day.}

its crazy to think that this semester has ended.
{except for my last final exam tomorrow!!}
and holy cow am i grateful and stoked about it.
yes it was a good semester.
full of laughs. friendships. and fun.
full of studying. stress. and homework.

even though it was great.
i can't wait for a new semester to start.
i love starting fresh.
everything is new.
new people.
new classes.
new planner.
new goals.
everything is just new.

even though i am stoked about 2012.
i love to live in the present.
and i am trying to use up every last minute of 2011
except these past days. 
test. library. dinner. library. sleep
all to know i would wake up and do it again.
seriously friday 6 hours.
monday 10 hours.
tuesday 8 hours.
today {planning on} 8 hours total.
thats 32 HOURS spent in the library!!!
oh how this week has dragged on.
so happy today is the last of that train ride.

here is to my last day in the library.
and here is to my trusty table that i could always count on being open.
{except today. rude.}
you might be missed.
but probably not.

blog highlight 14.
let me introduce you to mikaela {or hallah. your choice but i have known her as mikaela :)}. 
she is sisters with rachel who i highlighted earlier.
i sorta knew here in jr high even though i am 2 years older then she.
but i didn't get to truly know her until this past summer in the miss pg royalty.
she was 4th attendant.
let me tell you we had a blast.
she is truly the life of the party.
she has the cutest style that no one could copy, even if they wanted to.
she is so much fun to be around and is so gorgeous.
her blog is about her life.
her hardships. her fun times. and everything in between.
want to be a stalker?
check her blog out here.

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Ashley said...

Yay Brooke! Congrats on being so close to the finishing line! The end is in sight!!! You are always so dedicated--I admire you.