Saturday, November 5, 2011

obsessed. {miley cyrus.}

i have been wanting to make amazing desserts for quite a while now.
don't get me wrong i have made some to die for desserts.
but none that could have this much potential.
one problem.
i did not have the baking dish necessary.

i have searched high and low.
looked at ridiculous prices.
but extremely cute designs.

too bad im a poor college student where price matters.
well big lots matched my budget.
1 for $1 or 2 for $2 dollars.
you get the idea.
i bought 4.

introducing the newest member of my culinary dish collection.

so brooke, what are you going to make with these??
oh where do i begin?
lets start with molten lava cakes.
or better. PEANUT BUTTER molten lava cakes.
individual pies.
you get the idea.

granted on this blog there won't be much more talk of these beauties.
but. have no fear. follow the beloved ramekins on my sister and i blog. here!
they will be blogged about soon!

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