Sunday, October 30, 2011

thriller. {michael jackson.}

i almost can't explain how much of a party this weekend was.
considering it is halloween weekend. there was so much going on.
it started on thursday with thriller.
followed with the howl on friday.
the howl after party friday into saturday.
saturday day was an adventure in and of itself.
and well saturday night was again another party.
sunday was a day of rest. literally.
nicole and i before the show.

tuesday i get a text from my cute cousin nicole.
inviting me to go to st geezy to see thriller.
how could i resist?
i drove down after class.
we ate tortilla soup {made by becky... AMAZING!}
we then made our way to thriller.
after being attacked by the zombies before the show. it started.
it was amazing.
seriously i wish i could dance so i could have participated.
some parts were dark. but it was so amazing.
seriously such a blast to see.
i definitely recommend it!

after the show.
the howl was on friday. 
as was the institutes party. 
we decided to hit both.
we started with the trunk or treat and free dinner.
we then headed over to the howl.
we did a whole lot of waiting. 
waiting for pictures.
waiting for tattoos.
waiting for parrots.
in the end all we did was the parrots.
that and dance. let me tell you. we danced.
getting ready.
after the howl there was an after party.
it was a party.
we danced the night away until 4 am.
it was a success.
cleopatra. devil. cavewoman. black swan.
we slept until 1 pm saturday.
you can't blame us. we were tired.
this day had so much excitement it deserves its own post.
don't worry it will be posted about soon.

saturday night we knew there was another dance.
we debated on what to do.
we wanted to go but we also wanted to go to bed.
our party intentions took over and we danced the night away.
we danced until 1 am.
again success.
my costume. made by christie. seriously she is so talented.
sunday consisted of church. sleeping. and eating.

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